Brain jogging how to train the brain

Learn what brain jogging is in this article. Why it is important to train the brain. We also present some games and exercises for seniors.

How to train the brain?

A rolling stone gathers no moss – this is well known and feared with increasing age. But there are remedies to get the gray cells going again, or they "rust" to prevent. Brain jogging is the counterpart to physical fitness training and is currently very trendy. This is the targeted training of mental performance.

Why brain jogging is important?

This can be increased significantly even in old age and rarely declines, as is often claimed. It depends on the so-called activation level, this describes the mental receptivity. So someone who is sleepy, or in stark contrast panic, is less receptive than someone who is awake and relaxed. Brain jogging is about improving the basic variables of mental performance. Learning speed, memory span and information processing speed can be trained. From the latter two, then, comes the working memory capacity of the brain. This is closely linked to the intelligence quotient, or IQ for short.

If this is increased, this leads to an increase in so-called "fluid intelligence". This describes the ability to solve new mental problems without recourse to experience. You just get smarter. Is it not worthwhile there to invest five to ten minutes per day? That's all it takes. The method is independent of age or location, not very time-consuming, easy to perform and uncomplicated.

Games& Exercises for seniors

Actually quite simple, only without aids it does not go also. The different exercises can be found in various magazines, on the Internet or simply in the TV magazine in the form of a Sudoku. This popular form of a number puzzle promotes logical thinking and the ability to concentrate. In other exercises should z.B. The training should be balanced between the different skills, such as completing number sequences, putting together puzzles, solving arithmetic problems, combining correlations, and memorizing and reproducing objects. If you want to memorize new information, success depends on the number of repetitions on the one hand, and on how well you establish links to existing knowledge on the other hand. This is exactly what brain jogging is meant for in the truest sense of the word. In the meantime, manufacturers of game consoles also offer various games that are aimed exclusively at training mental performance. Thereby the fun does not come too briefly. In any case, variety is important. A balanced training of the different abilities should be aimed for. Game consoles can be found in the Electronic markets buy.

Also some Health insurance companies in Berlin give tips on how to exercise the brain. Here you can find the addresses and telephone numbers of the following health insurance companies:

Regular training leads to success

Success will be achieved by exercising regularly and with a certain degree of intensity. The effort is rewarded with an increase in mental performance, short and long term memory and the ability to concentrate. By the way, it is amed that brain jogging reduces the deposition of proteins in the brain, which is a typical feature of Alzheimer's disease. Memory training also stimulates specific areas of the brain that deteriorate with age.

It is also proven that regular training leads to an improved performance of the brain, better blood circulation and the formation of new neurons. More neurons mean more connections and combination possibilities of knowledge and easier absorption of new information. The motto is quite clear: try it out and if it is fun, simply and quickly trim the gray cells to peak performance.

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