Brain training keeps the gray matter fit

"You're already calcified" – this or something similar is often the casual saying when it comes to the decline of brain and especially memory performance as part of the aging process. This gradual decrease of cognitive performance with age is normal up to a certain degree, but a strong decrease with increasing forgetfulness and confusion can also indicate a dementia disease. This type of brain disease has increased significantly in recent decades, partly due to the fact that people are getting older and older.

A brain training can improve the cognitive performance

But there are always new research results, which prove that a regularly executed Brain training helps to keep cognitive abilities at a high level for as long as possible or even to improve them in certain areas in old age. This even applies to people suffering from mild to moderate dementia, whose disease can at least be slowed down somewhat as a result. In the past, old people were advised to solve crossword puzzles to keep the gray matter going, but today there are more and more brain training programs based on the latest scientific findings.

Generally, a Training mental performance with the aim of maintaining or increasing performance, known as brain training. It is a method that does not depend on age. Researchers believe that mental activity is particularly important in old age to maintain mental performance. Brain training mainly ensures that new connections between brain cells (neurons) are formed or existing connections are strengthened.

Mental performance – complex interaction of various components

Mental performance is generally defined by three basic variables. These are memory span, information processing speed and basic learning speed. The product of the memory span and the speed of information processing gives the short memory capacity of the brain. The regular training of this capacity leads accordingly to an increase in mental performance.

Brain training usually consists of various tasks that promote short-term memory as a working memory, the filter function to classify the importance of things, concentration and also fine motor skills. With regular execution of these trainings it should then come to an increase of the brain achievement, the blood circulation and the new formation of neuronal connections. In the meantime there are different computer programs and mobile game consoles, on which brain trainings can be accomplished. These are sold very successfully and it is reported by the people who use such consoles regularly for brain training, a noticeable increase in mental performance.

Brain training must also be fun

When choosing the method of brain training, it is especially important that the exercises performed are also fun and motivating. Because the training of the brain analogous to the building of muscles through regular training does not work in this form. Only in combination with motivation and enthusiasm for the contents, with which the brain is to occupy itself, a lasting success is also possible. One way to train your gray matter with fun and joy can also be to join a group where brain training is practiced, or to look for friends and like-minded people for such training.

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