British shorthair character traits to fall in love with

With her big eyes and plush fur, she reminds a little of a teddy bear. And the outside is not deceiving either. If you are looking for a cuddly cat, the British Shorthair is definitely the right choice. The BKH is cuddly, affectionate and gentle. Therefore it is the ideal cat for beginners. Read more interesting facts, then you will be even more sure of your decision for this cat breed.

Breed profile

Body size: strong, medium to large cat
Weight: cats 3,5 – 6 kg, males 5,5 – 8 kg
Character: Calm, friendly, adaptable, affectionate, harmonious, good-natured, patient
Education and attitude: Sufficient employment possibilities, playfully promote
Diseases: Polycystic Kidney Disease, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
Life expectancy: 12 – 16 years

Visual characteristics

You can easily recognize a British Shorthair cat by its broad, strong body and round head. Typical are also the short nose, the short neck and the strong neck. Adult males are characterized by a pronounced wrinkle or frizz on the neck. This emphasizes the broad head. The cheek area additionally. Other external identifying characteristics:

– short, strong legs – round paws – wide set, round large eyes – eye color: copper or dark orange, green, blue, blue-green – extremely dense coat with good undercoat – there are several color variations – Lilac, Blue, White, Black, Fawn, Cinnamon etc. – especially popular are colors in the shaded, tabby and silver varieties


The nature of this cat breed can be described as very calm, especially in comparison to others. This is especially true of adult animals. Kittens and young cats, on the other hand, are a bit more spirited and like to play as well as romp around. The older they become, the more clearly their gentle side shows itself. The British Shorthair prefers to sit relaxed at the window and enjoy the sunshine and the view. But a place in a comfortable basket or on the sofa is just as good for her.

The character of the British Shorthair can be further described as friendly and balanced. She is sociable and adaptable, so she quickly settles in unfamiliar surroundings. If she does not feel like being petted and cuddled, she quickly makes that clear. The cold shoulder show these cats often strangers, before their curiosity wins and they venture nevertheless in their proximity.

Optimal housing conditions and employment opportunities

Because of its gentleness and friendliness, the British Shorthair is ideally suited for families. The animals show patience towards children. Also single, older people as well as beginners will be happy with a BKH. The rather human cat needs attention. Builds an intense bond with its owner. If you are looking for a faithful companion, this breed is the right one for you. For sure your velvet paw will follow you everywhere. Under certain circumstances also to bed. If you don't like it, you should at least put a cat bed for her in the bedroom. This is often enough for the velvet paw to sleep contentedly near you.

If your British Shorthair is to be a house cat, this is easily possible compared to other breeds. She usually has no great desire to go outside. This is especially the case if she is comfortable in her home. Therefore it should not be alone the whole day. If you work full time, a second cat is a reasonable solution. Buy a British Shorthair from a breeder, choose a sibling if possible. In general, sleeping places or. Retreats for this breed important. Experts recommend to offer different possibilities for it, z. B. Cat tree with cuddly den in the living room. Cat basket in the bedroom. Cat tree with cuddly den in the living room. Cat basket in the bedroom.

Do you want to keep your British Shorthair not only with conspecifics, but also with other pets? This is not a problem. This cat is usually well tolerated with other animals. With peaceful dogs there should not be any difficulties. These are in the best case just like the BKH cuddly and only moderately active. Although she likes to lie around relaxed, she also likes to play. It belongs to the most intelligent cat breeds, which is why you should encourage your velvet paw playfully. You can do this very well in your home, for example, with special cat toys. However, she is not an acrobatic talent. Sometimes it is even quite clumsy. Jumps beside it or falls down while running around. The clumsiness makes them but only the more lovable.

The British Shorthair comes in many color variations.

Correct nutrition

Because of their cozy nature, these velvet paws tend to be overweight. Therefore, you should attach great importance to a healthy, balanced diet. If your cat is a house cat, it usually has little movement and therefore needs less energy than a free-roaming cat. A high quality cat food provides them with all the essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Make sure the food is of good quality, z. B. by the renunciation of artificial flavouring, colouring and preservatives.

Is your cat already older, is it overweight or does it react sensitively to certain food ingredients? Special varieties are available for these and other special needs. You can feed your British Shorthair both wet and dry food.

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