Burnout syndrome recognizing the disease correctly treating it successfully

Am I just tired all the time. Empty or already seriously ill? This is what sufferers and relatives are asking. Dr. Vinzenz Mansmann, former head physician of the Naturamed clinics in Bad Waldsee and Germany's best-known burnout and stress expert, shows that burnout is not a temporary low mood, but an illness that should be taken seriously. Here he presents the most common causes of exhaustion and reveals proven ways of recognizing the disease and treating it successfully.

Burnout syndrome recognizing the disease correctly treating it successfully

Definition of burnout

Success in professional career endeavors or even the multiple stresses of being a working woman, mother and parent caregiver often take their toll on the body, aging it faster than necessary and can cause serious health problems. The result is feelings of burnout, inner emptiness and psychosomatic illnesses. Sometimes it is too late to enjoy the fruits of hard work. The feeling of a meaningful and happy life has disappeared and has given way to total exhaustion and listlessness.

Experts estimate that around 1.6 million Germans are affected by burnout syndrome. Obviously, women fall ill about twice as often as men.

An indication of the burnout syndrome is e.g.B., When no sustained recovery of half a year has arrived after a three-week vacation. The occupational groups of doctors, therapists, teachers, train drivers, police officers as well as nursing staff are particularly at risk. At least 20% of physicians suffer from burnout syndrome; among teachers, 24% of all early retirements are due to psychological overload problems. While in other professions in the public sector on average only 17% of employees leave prematurely, among teachers it is almost one in two. More and more people are coming to terms with the growing sensory overload. not being able to cope with workload. If body and psyche are treated carelessly for too long, it is not far to total breakdown. The symptoms can be manifold. Here are the main burnout symptoms for an initial overview:

Physical symptoms

Physical burnout symptoms can be:

– Exhaustion with loss of performance, concentration problems, forgetfulness and inability to recover – Insomnia, palpitations at night – Neck tension with radiating pain into the shoulders and morning furiness down to the outer fingers – Hyperacidity with morning gout-like limb pain in the elbows (evtl. tennis elbow), wrist, knee or hips, evtl. Only in the interaction between physical. Mental aspects get to the bottom of secondary diseases.

Development of burnout

A burnout syndrome does not simply develop overnight. Rather, there is a process of many years behind it, in which the burnout syndrome develops step by step. In the following graphic, Dr. Mansmann summarizes the development of the burnout syndrome in 12 steps for you:

burnout syndrome recognizing the disease correctly treating it successfully

The 10 types of exhaustion and causes

As a person seeking advice on exhaustion, you are at a crossroads with ten signposts. These lead to the 10 types of exhaustion that Dr. Mansmann has identified in his many years of work.

The 10 types of exhaustion

1. The "depressive weakness syndrome"

This type of exhaustion is caused by permanent psychological stress, grief, worries and fears as well as shock experiences. Depression is the typical clinical picture.

What helps? Exercise therapy according to Dr. gurneys, UV radiation, homeopathy. If hormonal disturbances in the menopause or liver disturbances are the cause, these are to be treated accordingly.

2. The "Nervous Overload Syndrome

Overload due to stress – that makes sense. But it is not quite so simple with stress! Completely free of stress we would waste away. Stress creates healing tension. Keeps us in "normal dose elastic. Heart fluttering before a date is an example of positive stress, also called Eu stress.

Anger, hatred, rage, jealousy or envy are examples of negative stress or dys-stress. Psychological exhaustion occurs when stress lasts longer and the mind and body cannot get used to it. Resilience drops well below normal levels and illnesses no longer heal on their own: They settle in and become chronic. Now permanent damage can occur.

What helps? Valerian and Kava-Kava for support. Exercise therapy according to Dr. Trager, manual muscle therapy, Shiatsu massage, permanent shower. Plan the day and take 15 minutes a day for it, schedule relaxation periods, do sports and socialize. Mediation and yoga courses, various anti-stress techniques.

3. The "immune deficiency syndrome"

The laws of Eu-stress and Dys-stress do not only apply to the body as a whole. Each individual organ can be viewed from this perspective. Causes of this type of exhaustion can be weakened organs, psychological causes or disorders of the immune system in the intestine, such as z.B. Intestinal fungi or secondary damage from antibiotics (dysbiosis).

What helps? Symbiosis control in the intestine, daily fresh showers, endurance sports, weekly sauna visits, eating less sweets. Immune-boosting herbal remedies (Echinacea) or bee products (pollen, royal jelly, propolis) are suitable for short-term therapy.

4. The "Circulatory Fatigue Syndrome

Symptoms of this type of exhaustion are morning start-up problems, dizziness when getting up, after bending down or standing for a longer period of time, tendency to headaches, sensitivity to the weather, concentration problems in the early morning or learning difficulties in the first hours of school.

What helps? Lily of the valley tablets (Miroton®), ginseng, guarana, mate, enzymes, echinacea, flower pollen, royal jelly, propolis.

5. The "hormone imbalance syndrome"

Chronic fatigue can be a symptom of hypothyroidism, the cause of which in the most harmless case is a nutritional iodine deficiency. Mood lows during menopause may indicate an unrecognized insidious ovarian inflammation with deficiency of female hormones. A very rare cause can be disorders of the adrenal glands (Addison's disease) or the pituitary gland (hypophysis) such as z.B. be Cushing's syndrome.

What helps? Only your therapist can determine the exact cause. Depending on the cause, the following are recommended Black cohosh, St. John's wort, royal jelly, eating sea fish twice a week, iodine-containing seaweed tablets.

6. The "Metabolic Deficiency Syndrome

All organs involved in digestion contribute to obtaining energy from food. Health disorders of these organs result in a lack of energy (exhaustion). In particular, the function of the liver, gall bladder, pancreas or intestines are disturbed in this type of exhaustion.

– In the case of liver disease: Milk thistle capsules, persistent homeopathic treatment – for bile weakness: bile teas, garlic and artichoke preparations – for chronic constipation: herbal laxative teas, bran, alfalfa tablets and walks

7. Despite prosperity the cases of malnutrition increase again. The typical states of exhaustion. Fast food, over-fertilized agriculture as well as food preparation by microwave or long keeping warm (canteen food) lead to vitamins being overcooked. Older people are particularly affected, as they only eat small portions anyway and thus take in few vitamins in total.

What helps? Nutritional counseling, fruit and vegetable chewing tablets, geriaticum capsules for the elderly, abstaining from smoking, moderate alcohol consumption.

8. The "poisoning and allergy syndrome"

The cause of this type of exhaustion is stress on our immune system caused by toxins in the home, such as pollutants in carpet adhesives or wall paints, wood preservative toxins as well as side effects of medications or allergic reactions to certain foods. This leads to defensive weakness. Easy fatigue.

– In the case of poisoning: elimination z.B. With homeopathic remedies, have toxins removed from the living area [Anm. d. Red.A Panchakarma cure is also interesting here, which promotes relaxation and elimination at the same time and can help with burnout to new energy and joie de vivre.] – for allergies: calcium, homeopathy, symbiosis control, immune stimulating methods

9. The "syndrome of chronic diseases

The causes of this type of exhaustion are attributed to the permanent stress caused by chronic diseases, such as e.g.B. Diabetes, anemia, arteriosclerosis or other chronic intestinal, pulmonary or cardiac diseases seen.

Without an exact diagnosis by the doctor, no therapy recommendation is possible here.

What helps?

– for diabetes: milk thistle, acupuncture for eye problems, ginkgo to promote circulation – for iron deficiency: homeopathic remedies

10. The "chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)"

This diagnosis is a collective term. These are states of exhaustion that fulfill certain typical criteria but cannot be clearly assigned to a disease. [Note. d. Red.See also article on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)]

What helps? Without an exact diagnosis by the doctor, it is also not possible to recommend a therapy here.

Which type of exhaustion am I??

You now know roughly where the paths lead, but which one is the right one for you? In making this decision, Dr. Mansmann help with his self-test.

Burnout syndrome correctly recognizing the disease successfully treating it


Conventional medical methods such as stress ECG, lung function diagnostics, ultrasound and internal medicine laboratory should always form the basis of the examinations. However, these methods do not tell us whether illnesses have psychological causes, how strongly they affect us, and to what extent an accompanying psychological treatment makes sense. For this purpose, various psychological test procedures are available, which have proven themselves over a long period of time.

In addition, there are many holistic medical diagnostic methods that allow earlier and even more accurate statements about certain diseases. Here Dr. Mansmann presents some of the methods that are significant for the burnout syndrome.

Thermoregulation diagnostics

Thermoregulation diagnostics, which uses electronic temperature sensors to create a "temperature pattern" A skin analysis, for example, can reveal previously unknown causes of chronic digestive problems, flatulence or diarrhea. In this way, hidden inflammation foci (focus) can also be found.

Bio-dynamic protein profile

The Bio-Dynamic Protein Profile, which measures 52 proteins in the blood serum, can reveal hidden organ diseases. It can help to detect many diseases of civilization and risk factors in their early stages.

Interference field measurement AMSAT-HC

In the AMSAT-HC interference field measurement, metal plates are placed on the skin, between which a weak pulsating current flows, which displays the individual measured values – compared to the standard values – on a measuring device. This can reduce psychosomatic permanent stresses. Internal as well as external interference fields should be detected. The doctor thus tries to find clues to the energy balance. To maintain the patient's resilience for further treatment.

Psychological photo diagnosis

Psychological photo diagnosis measures the acupuncture resonance points and reflex zones of the hands using silver metal plates and thus makes the current psychological condition visible on a color photo.

In this way, the doctor or psychologist immediately recognizes current fears, depression, ability to think, attitude to personal future, aggression or perfectionist imprints from life history, self-love, ability to trust, mistrust, reaction to external disturbances, communication behavior, love of one's neighbor up to the helper syndrome, commitment in everyday life or profession, emotional mood or mental disinterest.

This test is well suited for weekly progress monitoring in individual medical consultations. There is no good or bad picture, but overcoming a problem means inner growth and an expansion of consciousness at the same time.

The Candida Immune Profile*

This novel method for diagnosing fungal diseases in the blood, available since 1994, originates from the USA. With a highly specific ELISA immunoassay, cell components, fungi (Candida antigens) and proteins that the body produces to defend itself against the fungi (Candida IgA, Candida IgG and Candida IgM antibodies) can be measured.

If these components are detectable, then an internal fight against fungi takes place. The mushrooms then represent a burden for the body. make therapy necessary. *Source: "Totally exhausted" by Dr. Mansmann

The immune skin test*

This test checks the immune system's response to seven different irritants. The test substances are applied to the skin, after 48 hours the result can be read from the reddening of the skin. The test indicates how strongly the immune system reacts and whether immune-boosting measures are necessary.*Source: "Totally exhausted" by Dr.

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