Business plan e guide to financing

Business PlanA business plan helps you turn an idea into an investment opportunity. You need to think through all the parts of your investment opportunity to plan how everything will work. Writing takes a few weeks if you do it right. Some parts are easier to complete than others. You need to think things through to maximize your chances of success.

The best business plans are not long and complex. They explain only the most important information – what you want to achieve, how to get there and what you need to do on the way. Graphics and headlines work well. It is important to show an investor that there is traction (z. B. The intervention/program/project has been piloted/pilot funded by the government or evidence of excellence; other investors are to cover human capital and marketing costs, etc. secured).

In this section, we present a framework to launch your business plan and a pitch template to solicit investors for your projects.

A pitch template to convince investors

Idea: Put the idea behind the intervention / program / project. Keep it simple.
Task: : Visual representation of the size of the problem, headings for the EU / country / region.
Solution: Image and words.
How it worksShow that you have defined the practical aspects for the implementation of the intervention/program/project. market: Headlines, z. B.% of people in the EU with condition 'x', number of member states with relevant health program, current uptake of health program by eligible population, early stage diagnosis results.
Market opportunity: you can highlight the "need" with an investor (public, private or charity), but make sure you focus on the "opportunity". Business model: Show detailed financial projections or a chart of revenue tools you rely on to generate revenue. Revenue model: Use a graph showing expected revenue growth with the 5-year forecast. Also show how the intervention is scaled. Demonstrate return on investment, i.e., health impacts, social impacts, including potential environmental impacts or value added that could improve growth prospects in a region or community. Evidence of expertise. Deliverability. Your benefits:List any benefits or added value that you have.
Competition and Traction: Summary of competition or alternatives provided by others. Show that you have traction with this intervention. What do we need from you? Total investment figure. How it is used, z. B. Infrastructure, human capital, intervention tools, team, marketing.

Resources and Tools

How this e-guide was created

The e-guide is an initiative of the Coalition of Partners in the WHO European Region. EuroHealthNet is grateful to have had the opportunity to continue their efforts and build on the initial momentum. The E-Guide has benefited from our ongoing collaboration with the Brussels Steering Committee on Social Infrastructure.

Business plan e guide to funding

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