Businessman in health care m w eckert schools 1

Course Details

Tasks and range of activities

It is becoming increasingly important to focus on quality and the needs and wishes of customers and patients when developing, providing and marketing healthcare services. The healthcare management assistant combines the necessary professional qualifications from the commercial, service-oriented and healthcare sectors.

Employment opportunities

Health care administrators work in the administrative areas of hospitals, inpatient and outpatient care facilities, and large medical practices. Preventive and rehabilitation facilities, large medical supply stores, medical services, medical organizations, rescue services and voluntary welfare associations are further areas of application.

Stresses and requirements

The demands placed on health care management assistants are comparable to those placed on other specialists. After having close contact with customers, patients and colleagues, they need to be socially open-minded and team-oriented. Dealing with modern data-. Information processing is indispensable. Billing for medical services requires accuracy and reliability.

Training content

In addition to the basics, the general commercial part focuses on commercial management and control, human resources management, customer-oriented information and communication, and marketing. In addition, specialist knowledge is imparted in the areas of service accounting, tasks and legal ies in the health and social services sector, medical documentation with reporting and data protection, and business organization.

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