Businesswoman man in health care slk clinics

Businesswoman/ -man in the health serviceThe health service becomes more and more important due to the demographic change, the increasing needs of the people, as well as the importance of the economic efficiency in the supply of health services.

The training occupation of health care management assistant is optimally designed to meet the qualification requirements of this industry due to its commercial, service-oriented and health care-specific focal points.

The goal is to train you so that you are able to design organizational and administrative processes and take on coordination tasks. You will be trained, for example, to process accounting or operational reporting procedures and to carry out calculations. The handling of personnel management processes and the preparation, evaluation and presentation of statistics also fall within the scope of work of health care management assistants.

After successful completion of the final examinations, the title of health care management assistant is awarded.

Businesswoman man in health care slk clinics

Trainees can expect exciting and varied work in the areas of human resources, accounting, operational reporting and administration.

Organization of the training

The training of 3 years is accompanied by weekly vocational school lessons (approx. on average 1.5 days per week). Vocational training currently takes place at the vocational school (Kaufmannische Schule 1) in Stuttgart, Hasenbergstr. 26 take place.

This is a training program provided by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Theoretical and practical training content

During training, general knowledge is first acquired that every businessperson must know, such as the existence of various legal forms, knowledge of social and labor law basics, information about safety and health protection at workplaces, as well as becoming familiar with company organizations. Subjects such as marketing and sales, materials management, cost and performance accounting, financing and human resources management are also basic elements.

In the later course of training, knowledge specific to the health care sector is learned. Examples are financing in the health care sector, accounting for services, quality management in the health care sector and special features of accounting in the health care sector.

In our company, you will get to know all administrative areas such as the business and supply division, patient admission and accounting, personnel, finance, marketing, quality management, controlling and internal auditing. Cross-divisional practical assignments are also possible.

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