Businesswoman man in health care

New opportunities in the healthcare sectorThe healthcare sector in Germany offers
many opportunities for a job. Business people in the health care sector do not work in the front line, but are active in the background. Their typical job consists of Administration and Organization, so that healthcare personnel are well looked after and cared for by default.

In addition to administration, they are responsible for the Accounting as well as Carrying out calculations. Also Development of marketing concepts and the Quality management belong to their areas of responsibility. All tasks performed by healthcare administrators have a direct relationship to Health sector.

Health care management assistants are very much in demand and therefore have very good chances to a a secure job. On the basis of their specialist training, they are assigned to numerous health care facilities and institutions required to perform administrative and organizational tasks.

Hospitals, medical practices and treatment institutes in particular highly value the work of trained health care salespersons.

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Secure up to 2.500 € continuing education bonus

Whoever masters the time of the retraining and passes the exams, receives a further education bonus up to the amount of 2.500 euros. Successful participants in post-qualification and retraining programs receive the continuing education bonus.

Businesswoman man in the health service

I really like the occupation of healthcare clerk. My activities are very varied and the choice of job opportunities is wide. What I particularly like about my retraining is the interface between health and commercial work in the office. In addition I am active in an area, which offers me good vocational perspectives.

Businesswoman man in the health service

This training occupation is my absolute dream. The administration in health care institutions, which help people with illnesses, fills me with joy. The tasks are incredibly varied. The commercial part of the training is very exciting and is also very useful for the private sector. Transparency and the courage to ask questions are very important tools for a successful training.

Businesswoman man in the health service

healthcare in theory and practice

In theory and practice, you will be involved in the following tasks during the retraining:

– Materials management – quality management – commercial management and controlling – marketing – service management – communication – data protection – business and service processes in medical institutions – legal basics – medical documentation – human resources – accounting – EDP applications with specialist programs for the healthcare sector

The contents of the training are based on the national training ordinance and the framework curriculum of the occupational profile.

businesswoman/man in health care

In which occupational fields can you work after retraining??

– medical practices – health offices – health insurance companies – preventive care institutions – hospitals – emergency services – rehabilitation centers

Kauffrau mann im gesundheitswesen

Practical training in the company

The retraining as a
Businesswoman/ -man in the health service takes place at Grone in the dual system. That means, on 3 weekdays the practical training takes place in the training enterprise. On the remaining 2 days you will be taught at Grone by experienced lecturers in adult education.

All retrainees work full-time in their training company during their training. Of course, you will receive all the support you need to find the ideal training company for you. Throughout the entire training period, Grone will support you and your company in an advisory and mediatory capacity and will act cooperatively in the event of problems.

Thanks to Grone's long experience and the good networks of our nationwide locations, you will quickly find your desired training company.

100% takeover guaranteed!

Which requirements do I have to bring along?

Important prerequisite for the retraining as a Businesswoman/man in the health service are good computer skills and pleasure in dealing with people.

Furthermore, you should have the following skills:

– Interest in the subject of health and commercial tasks – ability to work in a team – sociability – good verbal expression – willingness to continue training – good memory for numbers and people – careful work

Which teaching methods are possible?

The following teaching methods are available to you:

Classroom instruction on site
The retraining takes place on-site at the educational institution together with other participants. The professional input resp. Instruction is provided by the instructor or. the lecturer at fixed hours.

Virtual presence on site
The retraining takes place on site at the educational institution. However, participants from different locations connect in the virtual classroom. Also the professional input or. Lessons are taught digitally by the lecturer at set times.

Virtual presence from home
The retraining takes place from home. Again, participants from different locations connect with the instructor in the virtual classroom. *Note: This form of teaching is possible only in special cases in agreement with the payer.

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