Cancellation costs with aida cruises

The cruise vacation has been booked and the anticipation is rising – but for unforeseen reasons the trip suddenly has to be cancelled. This is not a nice situation, but it can happen to anyone once in a while. But now the question arises: Can I cancel so easily?? And what costs are incurred? In the following, we have summarized the most important information for you according to the general terms and conditions of AIDA Cruises.

With the new AIDA Summer Promise, the cruise line grants more flexible rebooking conditions for summer voyages. You can find more information about this in our current travel information.

AIDA Cancellation: What is it??

When canceling an AIDA trip, the customer withdraws from the already concluded travel contract. Cancellation by the customer is possible at any time before the start of the cruise. However, the shipping company is entitled to compensation, which is calculated according to the period between the cancellation and the start of the cruise as well as the booked price model.

AIDA Cancellation: Costs at a glance

The following table shows which percentage per person is due in case of cancellation. It quickly becomes clear: the closer the travel date, the higher the costs increase. In addition, until 22. The different price models offer different percentages for cancellations made on the 21st day before the start of the cruise. These apply per person in relation to the respective tour price.

Cancellation fees for new fares
For voyages booked at the AIDA PREMIUM ALL INCLUSIVE rate, the same cancellation conditions apply as for AIDA PREMIUM voyages. For trips booked as AIDA VARIO ALL INCLUSIVE, the same cancellation conditions apply as for AIDA VARIO trips. Cancellation costs are only incurred for the cruise portion, not for the beverage package and the social media flat rate.

* Before departure / Source: AIDA catalog 2021/2022

Premiums for travel insurance arranged through AIDA are payable in full as a lump sum compensation.

Cancellation fees for the arrival and departure package

If the trip was booked with included scheduled flights, the following additional flat-rate compensation applies to the arrival and departure package (per person and based on the price of the arrival and departure package):

Source: AIDA catalog 2021/2022

Cancellation of an arrival and departure package in the Wunschflug fare (which includes daily flights not advertised in the catalog) will incur cancellation fees of 100 percent of the price of the arrival and departure package.

A partial cancellation of the flight service is not possible.

Partial cancellation by a travel participant

In the event of a partial cancellation by a traveler from the same cabin, AIDA Cruises is entitled to a lump-sum compensation of 70 percent of the pro-rata tour price for AIDA VARIO, AIDA PREMIUM and AIDA PRMIUM ALL INCLUSIVE and 95 percent for JUST AIDA – but at least a processing fee of 50 euros.

How to cancel your AIDA trip

You have decided that you want to cancel your trip – but how do you go about it?? AIDA recommends submitting a trip cancellation in writing to the responsible travel agency or the AIDA Customer Center. If you have booked your cruise through a travel agency, the cancellation must also be initiated by them. For this, it is sufficient to send an e-mail with your cancellation request to your supervising agency. This will forward your request to the shipping company. You do not have to state your reasons for cancelling the trip in the e-mail.

The most important points at a glance:

– You must inform AIDA Cruises or your responsible travel agency of the cancellation of your trip. – The traveler should definitely in writing occur, so that you can prove this in case of doubt. – You can send your cancellation by mail, fax or e-mail. – You do not have to give the reason for your cancellation.

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Worth knowing at a glance

– Cancellation of a partial service (arrival and departure packages with flight and bus) is not possible. – AIDA Cruises reserves the right to claim a higher compensation to be calculated specifically. In this case, the shipping company is obliged to prove and quantify compensation. – AIDA Cruises cannot claim compensation if extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances occur at the vacation destination itself or in the immediate vicinity, which significantly impede the execution of the journey or the carriage of persons. – Cancellation as well as handling fees have to be paid immediately. – If the trip is canceled after the full price has been paid, customers will get their money back minus the cancellation costs. – The money will always be refunded on the medium with which it was paid (z.B. PayPal, credit card). There is the possibility of a travel cancellation insurance. Take out insurance to cover repatriation costs in the event of illness or an accident. – The travel cancellation should be communicated to AIDA Cruises or your responsible travel agency in writing by mail, e-mail or fax.

Special case coronavirus

If your trip is cancelled by the shipping company due to the Corona pandemic, no cancellation costs will be incurred. In this case, you will be refunded the payments you have already made or you can rebook for another trip free of charge and receive an attractive on-board credit in return. If a trip takes place, but you do not want to take it due to the current situation, the usual cancellation costs will be incurred. If a positive COVID-19 test is presented from 14 days before departure until the day of departure, the cruise can be rebooked once free of charge. An overview of the canceled trips. Compensation possibilities can be found in our article How AIDA plans.

Insured while traveling with HanseMerkur

Those who take out travel cancellation insurance or insurance with complete coverage before a trip can look forward to the upcoming vacation with greater peace of mind. HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG offers various options for individuals, couples and families.

The trip cancellation insurance covers, for example, the cancellation costs in case of serious accidental injuries, unexpected and serious illnesses, death, pregnancy, loss of employment, change of employment, commencement of employment as well as short-time work. The vacation guarantee is a trip interruption insurance and comes into play, for example, if the trip has to be interrupted due to seasickness.

If you become seriously ill before your trip begins, travel cancellation insurance will pay the cancellation fees. However, if you do not want to take your trip due to fear of illness, you will have to bear the costs yourself.

AIDA's comprehensive cover includes the insurance policies already described, as well as travel health insurance including repatriation, emergency insurance, baggage insurance, travel accident insurance and travel liability insurance. For more information, see our blog post "AIDA Travel Cancellation Insurance: Info on Travel Protection" and the advertised pages of the AIDA catalog.

In summary: For our readers in a hurry

If you withdraw from the booked trip, you must expect cancellation costs. These depend on the time of travel cancellation as well as on the booked AIDA price model. For the cancellation of the AIDA arrival and departure package, additional cancellation fees apply, partial cancellations are not possible. The travel cancellation insurances of HanseMerkur Versicherung AG offer a way to protect yourself from high cancellation costs. Due to the Corona pandemic, the shipping company grants more flexible rebooking conditions. You are interested in current AIDA offers. Important news from the colorful AIDA cruise world? Then click here and subscribe to our free newsletter.

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