Cancer carcinoma causes symptoms prevention

Cancer: incidence, development, symptoms and preventionHaving cancer means that cells multiply unchecked and malignant new tie is formed. What cancer is exactly, common types of cancer, development and symptoms read here.

cancer carcinoma causes symptoms prevention

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cancer carcinoma causes symptoms prevention

What is cancer?

Cancer is the term for a malignant (malignant) tie neoplasm. Malignant means that cells divide uncontrollably and increasingly displace and/or damage healthy tie in the process. The lump (tumor) grows and usually spreads first to adjacent ties and lymph nodes. Later, individual cancer cells can spread via the blood or lymph to other organs, where they settle and form further cancer foci (metastases, daughter tumors). Malignant tumors are able to stimulate the formation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis) in order to connect to the bloodstream.

How often cancer occurs?

Cancer is a common disease and does not have a uniform course – in principle, cancer can occur at any age and in all ties and organs of the body. In Germany, breast cancer (mammary carcinoma) and prostate cancer are the most common types of cancer, as well as colorectal cancer, skin cancer and lung cancer. The incidence of different types of cancer differs between men and women. Listed below are the most common types of cancer by new diagnosis in 2018, excluding light skin cancer (as a percentage of all new cancer diagnoses):

Women Men
Breast cancer (30%) Prostate cancer (24.6%) Lung cancer (9.4%) Lung cancer (13.3%) Colorectal cancer (11.5%) Colorectal cancer (12.8%) Uterine cancer (4.7%) Bladder cancer (5.1%) Malignant melanoma (4.7%) Malignant melanoma (4.5%)

Cancer is the second most common cause of death in Germany after cardiovascular disease – and the trend is rising. Most malignant tumors develop at an older age; certain types of cancer, such as forms of blood cancer (leukemia), mainly affect children.

How cancer develops? Cancer is caused by changes in genetic material. Metabolism of individual cells. Such changes have a wide variety of causes. Many of the exact mechanisms of development are still unclear.

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