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Colourbox.en It's an old controversy that is now getting new fuel: Did cell phone radiation cause tumors in the brain?

Researchers have been arguing for years about the cancer risk posed by cell phones. New studies substantiate the suspicion. Consumer advocates see us exposed to an uncontrolled field trial with ever-increasing radiation exposure.

The website "EMF-Portal" alone lists 18.055 of such examinations on. About half of them claim to have found harmful effects on the body or at least biological effects. The other half remained without such results. In particular, the researchers are concerned with the question of whether radiation can cause cancer.

More recently, the public has become quiet about the potential risks of cell phone use. The advent of smartphones in particular displaced health considerations. Instead, the focus was on performance data and the countless "apps" with which these telephones, which have mutated into pocket computers, make themselves useful. But behind the scenes, the controversy over potential health hazards from cell phones and the mushrooming of cell towers continued.

Oxidative stress in ties close to the cell phone

New studies now show that risks cannot be ruled out after all. Over the past five years, researchers explain in the "BioInitiative Report 2012," some 1800 analyses have been published, showing effects even when radiation levels were well below limits. However, even the determination of these values is controversial. Cell phone radiation is in the frequency range of microwaves, which transfer their energy to water-containing structures, causing them to heat up. The limits for the maximum permissible radiation exposure are based on this thermal effect: They are intended to prevent body tie – especially the brain – from being damaged by heating. However, critics point out that biological effects already occur far below the established thresholds.

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This is also the case in one of the new studies, which aimed to detect links between cell phone radiation and the development of cancer. It was carried out by a group led by the Israeli physician Yaniv Hamzany from Tel Aviv University. Because cell phones always irradiate the parotid gland as well during phone calls, corresponding changes could show up in saliva, Hamzany reasoned. When comparing the saliva of frequent phone users. differences were found between those who were deaf and those who did not use cell phones. In the case of the former, for example, signs of oxidative stress were found: so-called peroxides or free radicals were present in large numbers in their cells. These aggressive chemical compounds can attack the genetic material DNA. Therefore, risk factors for cancer include.


Genetic mutations promote tumor formation

People were considered frequent phone users if they had their cell phone to their ear for at least eight hours per month. Most of his test persons from this group, however, Hamzany ares, would have spent 30 to 40 hours a month on the phone. "The result suggests that considerable oxidative stress occurs in the glands and ties that are close to the cell phone when people are on the phone," the researcher says. "As a result, there is damage that can trigger genetic mutations, which in turn promotes the development of tumors." While the study does not reveal a clear cause-and-effect relationship, it adds to the growing body of evidence suggesting that cell phone use can be dangerous in the long term. In addition, it gives research a new direction. It is now necessary to find out how quickly the cells in the salivary glands react to the radiation. However, the number of subjects was small: there were only 20 frequent phone users.

Similarly, other studies suggest that radiation indirectly affects body cells through the formation of reactive oxidants. This is not just about cancer, but also about reproduction. Occupational physicians at the Third Military Medical University in Chongqing, China, discovered that cell phone radiation of 1800 megahertz (MHz) damages the sperm cells of male mice. Again, free radicals had attacked the DNA.

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