Child sickness certificate important info

As Children's health certificate is colloquially called a Form which parents must submit to their health insurance company in order to receive sick pay (children's sick pay) in the event that their child becomes ill.

Where to get the children's disease certificate?

For one Entitlement to child sickness benefit parents need form 21, the so-called children's sickness certificate. This is ied by the pediatrician when the child is ill and needs care.

How to fill in the children's sickness certificate?

On the first page of the two-page form, the "Medical certificate for the receipt of sick pay in case of illness of a child", the doctor enters all the important information about the child.

Front side of a children's sickness certificate(Source: KZBV)

Of the parent who cares for the child in case of illness, only the Back of the children's sickness certificate must be filled in. In the "Application of the insured person for sickness benefit in case of illness of a child"The parent who is to receive the sickness benefit must enter his or her name, date of birth, insurance number, address and account details.

Other form fields

Under it must be indicated whether the caring parent a Claim on Continued payment of wages has against his employer and, if applicable, for how many days this entitlement exists. For this purpose must be individually Consultation with the employer The company can keep its employees on sick leave because, depending on the agreement, the company can give its employees paid time off when a child is ill.

A cross must also be used to indicate whether the parent of the sick child has single parent is because single parents can take time off for a total of more days if their child falls ill and receive child sick pay for longer. Finally, it should be added whether and for how many days in a calendar year already Sickness benefits for the care of a sick child was referred.

Where to hand in the children's health certificate?

The completed certificate must be submitted to the health insurance company. Many health insurance companies offer the possibility of Request online to put. Alternatively, the form can be sent by mail or dropped off at a branch office.

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