Cocker spaniel dog character appearance and attitude

Cocker SpanielThe Cocker Spaniel dog is one of the oldest spaniel dog breeds in the world. It is amed that the origin of the Cocker Spaniel is in Spain. According to records, this breed already existed in the 14. Century.

As an independent breed, however, the Cocker Spaniel was recognized only in 1892 by the British Kennel Club. Before that it was called Cocking Spaniel or simply Cocker. In 1902, supporters of this dog breed founded the Cocker Spaniel Club. Around the 1930s, the Cocker Spaniel was one of the most popular dog breeds in Great Britain.

Size: ca. 40 cm
Weight: 12 – 15 kg
Coat type: Smooth, silky coat
Coat colors: Black, red, brown, leather etc. This medium sized dog is compact. Robust of physique. – Height at withers is 38 to 41 centimeters, weight is usually 12.5 to 14.5 kilos. – The long coat is either smooth or wavy and very silky.

In the Cocker Spaniel dog, all coat colors are recognized. The low set, long hangings are often described by breeders as lobed. The eyes are large and meet their counterpart with an alert look. They express both an intelligent and gentle nature.

The coat is soft, close lying and silky in character. On the belly, ears and chest, as well as on the tail, it often turns out a little longer. The typical appearance of a Cocker Spaniel is usually achieved from the first year onwards.

The angular muzzle and the strong muscles of the legs, but also the above mentioned size are typical for this dog breed. Also to be recognized is that the tail expresses a straight line. Popular colors are blue mold, tan or orange mold. Once the dog is a few months old, brindle contours appear here.

Character and temperament

A Cocker Spaniel can easily live to be 12 years old. It is often used as a hunting dog, also because of its strong hunting instinct. It is well suited to objects. To track other animals.

Also well developed is his protective instinct. Furthermore, he has a cheerful nature. Playfully uses its tail in everyday life. However, this dog breed also has its detrimental sides. It is often said that the Cocker Spaniel dog has not only a strong temperament, but also a mind of its own.

He is quite easy to train, because he always wants to please his master. So especially for beginners this dog is very suitable. This dog breed needs a lot of exercise and is happy when he can romp without a leash. In some cases the weight can be problematic, because this breed likes to eat everything possible.

Cocker spaniel dog character appearance and attitude

Cocker Spaniel – Attitude

In fact, the nature of this breed is very gentle and affectionate. Nevertheless, the dog is always exuberant and constantly in motion. No matter what the spaniel dog is doing, the tail moves tirelessly. He is not afraid at all. He is a good tracker and does not shy away from rough terrain or almost impregnable thicket.

Due to its affectionate and gentle nature, the Cocker Spaniel can be kept well as a pet and family dog. However, its pronounced urge to move should be taken into account. Since he likes to search for tracks, some dog sports can be considered for him, which require a good tracking nose.

Dog sports can be an enrichment for dog and master and perfectly complement regular exercise. The coat suggests a great deal of grooming due to its texture. But this is not the case. Grooming does not take much time, but regular brushing is essential to avoid matting.

Care and feeding

With its long coat, which is beautiful to look at, comes a great responsibility. In order not to get matted, it must be brushed regularly, at least 2 times a week. However, this is not enough. Monthly bathing appointments should also be on the calendar.

The Cocker Spaniel dog has no particular preferences when it comes to feeding. However, one should be aware that there are dog food brands that process unhealthy ingredients, such as sugar and grains. High quality dog food often comes from Sweden. Can be purchased online.

Cocker Spaniel dog – A breed close to nature

So the Cocker Spaniel feels best not only with a lot of movement, but is also an intensive occupation of Necessary. If taken for a walk, the dog should not be let out of sight.

The pronounced hunting instinct has in this case also its pitfalls. If he encounters small animals, he immediately goes on the hunt. By the way, the English Cocker Spaniel is also very good at water games. He loves nature. It is therefore advantageous to have a garden when keeping him.

He can also be wonderfully taken for cycling or jogging to satisfy his urge for movement.

Diseases in the Cocker Spaniel

Genetic diseases can also occur in this breed. It is advisable to choose a dog that is a member of the Spaniel Club Germany.V. is. The breeder should have experience, the dog should have a stable character. Common diseases are dilated cardiomyopathy, familial nephropathy as a kidney disease and hip dysplasia.

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