Cocker spaniel dog temperament education care

One of the most popular breeds, the English Cocker SpanielBeim Cocker Spaniel it is a lively, recognized breed british dog breed.

What does he look like?

These dogs are very compact at Physique and have long Hangeohren. They have a strong jaw and muscular hind legs. they carry their tail proudly on the height of their back. How big. How heavy it becomes?At Cocker the Males up to 41 cm high and the bitches up to 39 cm. So they are not too big and not too small. The weight of adult dogs is between 12 and 16 kg.

Coat, coat care and color

The Coat is wonderfully soft and dense, short on the head and long on the ears, chest, belly and tail.

There are these dogs in different colors – either one-color, two-color (black-white, orange-white, brown-white) and tri-color.

The Eye color varies from dark to light brown.

Suitability and use

The Cocker Spaniel is in origin a Hunting dog. In the meantime, however, because of his cheerful liveliness, he is gladly called a family dog Held. He is very affectionate. Also a little sensitive.

Then he is but a good Guard for his family and an excellent Playmate for the children.

Nature, temperament and character

Its nature is characterized by very large Cheerfulness and much temperament. It is affectionate and loyal, but can be a bit stubborn at times.

He is a Glutton. You have to pay a lot of attention to his diet, otherwise the cocker likes to become a little obese.

He is also always friendly towards other dogs, but can also assert himself against unfriendly conspecifics. The cocker has its own head. Is very temperamental especially as a young dog. That is why he should be consistent even as a puppy. Be raised with clear rules. Exceptions should not be made, as this dog will misunderstand and then try to impose its will again and again.

In general, he is easy to train, as he is enthusiastic and enjoys pleasing his humans. Especially with a treat as a reward, he learns quickly.

If necessary, you should work on his hunting instinct at an early stage, because when he encounters a fresh scent, he sometimes forgets to listen to human commands.

Attitude and exercise

Apartment keeping is possible if the dog gets enough exercise every day.

A lot of fun for him retrieving exercises, he swims likes and needs a lot of run. Play and Frolicking around outdoors is his greatest joy. You can take him also for jogging or biking.

The Cocker Spaniel is a dog that needs a lot of attention and a lot of exercise. If he gets it, he is a grateful companion for the family.

Diseases typical for the breed

As with all long-eared dogs, particular attention should be paid to the Ear care to respect. disease of the inner ear which leads to balance disorders. Even sometimes leads to deafness. This is a hereditary disease (Congenital vestibular syndrome).

It has been observed that red cocker already once from the sog. Cockerwut be infested.

It is aggressiveness that afflicts him similar to an epileptic seizure. The dog is completely exhausted after such an attack. From this disease – which is also a hereditary disease – males are more affected than females.

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