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Cocoa – Where does it come from& how healthy is the bean?Is cocoa only found in chocolate? Is cocoa really unhealthy? What exactly is cocoa actually? In the coffee partner magazine you will find the answers.

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Under the term "cocoa" most people understand a delicious, chocolaty hot drink. Before the finished beverage is ready, it has to travel a long way. The Cocoa plant, from which all cocoa products are made, is grown almost exclusively in Central America, Africa and Southeast Asia. But what exactly is cocoa about. What are the varieties of cacao?

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What exactly is cacao?

Cocoa describes a variety of things. At the very beginning Cocoa tree. This ripens especially in sunny areas and carries the so-called Cocoa fruit. Once they have matured, they can be opened. Inside are the pulp and the seeds. The latter we know in this country as Cocoa beans. At the beginning, however, the seeds look quite different – rather soft, light and with a white coloring.

First the Fermentation ensures that these move in the direction of our classical brown cocoa beans transform. During this fermentation process, certain substances are released, which later on in the Roasting the beans for the coveted Chocolate flavor care. After this, many different products can now be manufactured, such as cocoa drinks, chocolate or even cosmetics.

Where is cocoa grown?

Similar to the coffee plant, the cacao tree requires a very special environment to thrive and blossom perfectly. The most suitable drink for this purpose is tropical heat around the equator. More than 40 countries around the world have now dedicated themselves to the cultivation of cacao. In particular in Asia, Latin America and Africa are numerous cultivation areas. Round 75 percent of the total harvest, however, comes from South Africa. Among the areas with the most cultivated land are the following countries:

– Peru – Ivory Coast – Indonesia – Nigeria – Nicaragua – Papa New Guinea – Ghana – Brazil

By the way, the cacao tree must never stand directly in the blazing sun. Therefore, the plants are also popular in the Protection of the rainforest or planted together with mixed crops such as coconut palms or citrus fruits, which cast shade over the cacao trees with their leaves.

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These cocoa varieties are available

By the way, among the cocoa beans exist four large varieties, between which a distinction is made:

– Criollo – Trinitario – Forastero – Arriba

The Forastero cocoa is generally considered the best-known variety and is the most widely cultivated in the world. But also the other cocoas can be found in the trade and offer various advantages depending on preference and taste. Incidentally, the seeds of the cacao tree contain a variety of healthy ingredients. These go during drying (fermentation). Subsequent roasting, however, largely lost. In advance, however, it should be said that the remaining ingredients still make cocoa the real thing Super food Make.

How healthy is cocoa now?

As almost always it is called also with the cocoa "It depends". Thus, cacao can be divided into two categories. On the one hand lies the natural cocoa, which as pure cocoa powder contains up to 350 calories per 100 grams has. These come in particular by the fat portion contained in the raw cocoa. On the other side is the industrially produced cocoa. Here, the calorie content can vary greatly and depends on the extent to which the powder has been de-oiled and sugared. With a cocoa content of mostly less than 25 percent and a high amount of sugar, this variant not infrequently comes to twice the calories per 100 grams Calorie count as natural cocoa.

These ingredients make cocoa a superfood

Natural cocoa is considered to be real super food and an excellent source of vital elements:

– magnesium – potassium and – vitamin E

are present here in masses and provide the body with sufficient nutrients.

Other ingredients such as Dopamine, healthy fats, Dietary fiber, proteins, Zinc and Iron lift our good mood and strengthen our body. Benefits of raw cacao also include improved cardiovascular system, smoother digestion and balanced cholesterol levels.

A particularly nutrient-rich variant of the cocoa represent the so-called Cocoa Nibs dar. These gently roasted chips are classically obtained from raw cocoa. Contain due to the roasting under low temperatures far more nutrients than chocolate. They are a super source of calcium and magnesium and also contain important trace elements. Especially vegans are happy about this kind of super food. Can so balance their nutrients. In general, the delicious chips are considered an irresistible snack for all cocoa lovers.

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