Coffee healthy and interesting facts health

It is hard to imagine everyday life without coffee. In moderation, coffee consumption is even quite healthy. It has a good effect on our body and gives us energy.

Coffee healthy and interesting facts health

Coffee, and thus caffeine, is the number one stimulant and addictive substance in Western industrialized nations. 1. (Photo by: Subbotina / Depositphotos)

Addicted to performance enhancement?

Addicted to coffee? You are by far not alone in Austria with that. Whether in your own kitchen or in the office: coffee must be provided everywhere. On average, every Austrian over the age of 18 drinks at least one cup a day of. For most people it is even significantly more.

The 21. Century is a century of stressful working days. So it goes without saying that coffee consumption in the current century continues to skyrocket. The most effective ingredient of coffee is
CaffeineUltimately an addictive substance, which can even cause withdrawal symptoms if consumed regularly.

How does caffeine affect the body?

After about 45 minutes, the caffeine from the coffee reaches the Blood circulation, is distributed in the body and acts there for about four hours.

Caffeine has a stimulating effect on the psyche. The concentration and memory capacity of the brain improve, while symptoms of fatigue disappear.

Coffee makes the heart beat more frequently and more strongly. Pulse and blood prere increase. Performance increases. The blood vessels of the periphery are made to dilate by caffeine. The blood vessels in the brain constrict, which is why coffee is said to be effective against headaches and migraines.

Coffee is healthy

Coffee contains more than 1000 different ingredients. For centuries the smelling hot beverage is considered as popular luxury means. Has been valued for its healing properties since early times.

The right measure is what matters in life: Too much coffee is not very healthy. Extremes are rarely recommended anyway. Although coffee was considered a devil's drink in certain times, science has long been aware of the positive coffeeEffects aware. Numerous studies have been conducted on the 1000 ingredients of the hot beverage. Among the best-known results and findings are the following:

– stimulates with caffeine, acids, tannins, and bitter substances the Digestion to. – supported by melanoidins the intestinal health. – protects the detoxification organ with the lipids kahweol and cafestol liver. – stimulates the Kidney activity and in this respect acts as a diuretic. – facilitates breathing due to its vasodilatory and muscle-relaxing effect on the muscles Bronchial tubes. – according to scientists, prevents degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's disease. – activates muscles with niacin and supports the Cellular respiration. – Stimulates heat-producing processes in the cells. – stimulates the Fat metabolism. cortisol. releases adrenaline. relieves due to the release of stress hormones pain. – crosses the blood-brain barrier with caffeine and cancels the effect of the sleep messenger adenosine in the central nervous system by occupying its receptors. – lowers the risk of diabetes mellitus by more than 50 percent. – reduces the risk of skin cancer, according to studies by Harvard Medical School. – Prolongs life, according to a Harvard metastudy. – helps against depression, according to the National Institute of Health: The smell of the hot beverage alone is said to make people happier. Not only do the body's internal processes. Health effects of coffee consumption are now well researched. Several studies have also brought to light a number of curious coffee facts.

Introverts get stressed by coffee

Did you know that extroverts react differently to coffee than introverts, according to studies?? Cambridge psychologists have found out that an extrovert works more efficiently after drinking coffee. The introvert, on the other hand, is more likely to feel stressed by coffee consumption. His work performance may decrease accordingly.

Psychotic due to coffee

As part of a study, scientists administered coffee to two different groups of test subjects. The first group was under stress. The subjects of the second group were relaxed. Both groups were asked to report as soon as they heard the song "White Christmas" listen.

Although the scientists did not play the song, the stressed coffee drinkers said they had heard the song. For scientist Crowe, the study proves that coffee can trigger psychosis-like symptoms in stressful situations.

Coffee has a different effect on men than on women

According to studies by the University of Bristol, women cope more easily with impending stressful situations under the influence of caffeine, while the opposite is true for men. According to the study, the influence of caffeine significantly worsens the cognitive performance of the male sex. Especially the memory function of the male participants decreased strongly.

The subjects were put under stress for the study. Whether the combination of stress and coffee was responsible for the male memory slump, or whether coffee outside of stressful situations also stimulates a cognitive slump in the male sex, is anyone's guess.

Inspiration pleases?

Composer Ludwig van Beethoven regularly counted out 60 coffee beans during his lifetime and prepared a cup of mocha with them. Honore de Balzac drank several cups of coffee a day. Worked in this way day after day for more than twelve hours. These and similar facts are responsible for the amption that coffee can have an inspirational effect. possibly makes the substance more receptive. Increases imagination through increased brain power. Fittingly, according to the Pressat agency, journalists drink the most coffee: "Writing is also a question of inspiration.

Coffee healthy and interesting facts health

Coffee consumption is said to give conclusions about personality, studies have found. (Photo by: envivo / Depositphotos)

Coffee for bad breath

Individual substances in coffee have an antibacterial effect. Coffee thus kills bacteria in the mouth. Provides in this way for better breath. According to a study by Israel's Tel Aviv University, the opposite effect occurs when coffee is drunk with milk. The remaining bacteria in the mouth metabolize milk into malodorous substances.

Coffee reveals character traits

Finally, one last curiosity fact about the most popular soft drug of the 21st century. Century: Coffee consumption apparently allows conclusions to be drawn about personality, studies have found. Latte, espresso, black coffee, instant coffee or iced coffee – the preferred type of coffee says a lot about who a particular person is:

1. Cappuccino drinkers are considered sensitive but controlling. 2. Latte drinkers are helpful, wasteful and neurotic. 3. Iced coffee drinkers like to try new things, have a high level of imagination and are often trendsetters. 4. People who prefer instant coffee are considered pragmatists. 5. Black coffee, on the other hand, purists drink.

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Coffee healthy and interesting facts health

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Coffee healthy and interesting facts health

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Coffee healthy and interesting facts health

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