Dalmatian dalmatinski pas breed portrait van muppen

The breed of dog called Dalmatinski Pas, which originated in Croatia, is now known to almost every child from the Walt Disney classic 101 Dalmatians.

The dog with the spots ?

Among experts the black or brown spots are called "spots. Surely the Dalmatian with his white coat is. Black or brown spots unique among dog breeds. The spots, originally caused by a genetic mutation, are ideally distributed symmetrically over the whole body of the Dalmatian.

Are Dalmatians born with spots? Dalmatians are born pure white. The first spots appear only after ca. 10 – 14 days. With the completion of the first year of life, all spots are also fully developed. Puppies that are born with shearing are excluded for breeding.

What color are the eyes of the Dalmatian?

Dalmatians have different eye color depending on the color of the spots. If the Dalmatian has black spots, the eyes should be brown. If a Dalmatian has liver brown spots then the eyes should also be lighter and more amber in color.

Can Dalmatians really laugh?

The Dalmatian is known for his smile. When greeting, he likes to pull his lips far back with his head slightly lowered, with his teeth closed. This is the loving smile of a dalmatian. In no case snarl.

What is the character of the Dalmatian?

The Dalmatian is sensitive, loyal and affectionate. At home the Dalmatian is cuddly. Protects his family. Towards strangers he is mostly neutral or reserved.

Outside, however, the Dalmatian is an active bundle of energy and loves

extended walks. As a former carriage dog, the Dalmatian is excellent at jogging, cycling or z.B. accompany when riding.

The attentive and intelligent Dalmatian is very eager to learn and loves to be challenged not only physically but also mentally. He learns small tricks with enthusiasm.

A consequent clear education which is mainly characterized by positive confirmation is very important, because otherwise the Dalmatian sets up his own rules.

The Dalmatian is the perfect family dog and is very friendly to children, if education and training, for him, do not come too short.

Dalmatian dalmatinski pas breed portrait van muppen

How big is Dalmatian?

With a height of up to 62 centimeters Dalmatians belong to the medium to large dog breeds.

The Dalmatian is a thoroughly elegant and athletic looking dog. His straight back line with muscular shoulders and a long strong neck is accompanied by a beautiful head shape with long nose and close-fitting hanging ears. The Dalmatian has a very proud gait. The tail can be quite long. Reach up to the hocks. The dense short coat, highlights the elegance and musculature of the dog even more clearly. If a Dalmatian loses a lot of fur. Are there any special features? The Dalmatian has short dense fur without undercoat, d.h. in cold temperatures Dalmatians freeze quickly and from 0 degrees and below they need a coat. The Dalmatian sheds evenly throughout the year. The short solid hairs like to get stuck like z.B.B. in pads from.

Dalmatian dalmatinski pas breed portrait van muppen

How big and old does a Dalmatian become?

Males and females usually differ only slightly in size and weight.

males 56- 62 cm / 27 – 32kg

bitches 54 – 60 cm / 24 – 29 kg

The Dalmatian will be 12 – 16 years old on average.

Are there special Dalmatian diseases?

Some few Dalmatians can have Dalmatian syndrome. This is a missing transporter protein in uric acid breakdown and it causes the Dalmatian to be very susceptible to allergies and get increased skin rashes.

Is a Dalmatian the right dog for me??

Probably the most important point in this question is the one about your lifestyle. Are you sporty. Much on the way? – Do you have time to be outside with a dog for one hour every day, no matter if it is raining, snowing or windy?

If this applies to you, a Dalmatian can be a good option. However, if you are much at home or rather less active resp. only limited on weekends z.B. If you have time for long activities with the dog, then the Dalmatian is rather unsuitable.

In addition, the Dalmatian needs a clear education with a lot of love and attention. With the right education he is a perfect family dog,

This also needs time and patience.

The ideal Dalmatian owner is therefore sporty, with a desire and time for outdoor activities from jogging, walking to horseback riding. From the character, the owner should rather have a calm relaxed, loving and consistent mind, because the sensitive Dalmatian is very sensitive to negative mood such as z.B. stress and restlessness, of his owner reacts. This article is a rough description of the Dalmatian breed. No recommendation to buy a Dalmatian. If you are interested in a Dalmatian, we recommend you to take a closer look at this topic. Consult experts for this.


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