Data protection dangers on the internet data security 2022

Privacy dangers: Spying on personal data

Privacy on the Internet: What dangers lurk here?

Data privacy risks on the internet data security 2022

There are many data protection dangers on the Internet that can harm users.

Every day, most people are now in the digital world on the way. This always results in large amount of data to. In some cases, these have to be entered by the user himself, for example if he is active in a social network or makes an online purchase does. Partly, insights are generated by the fact that, for example, the activities and the surfing behavior tracked and analyzed will.

Due to the Amount and Sensitivity information, data protection is an important aspect when you are on the Internet. But where do the dangers for data protection lurk here??

Basically, the data protection dangers can be divided into two types, which have different purposes:

– advertising purposes – criminal/abusive purposes

Mostly it is about Money. However, in the abusive area it can also be personal harm come, for example, through Cyberbullying.

Data protection risks: What happens to the data??

privacy dangers on the internet data security 2022

Data protection on the Internet is exposed to many dangers.

social networks want to Advertising purposes for example, have as much personal data as possible in order to provide a accurate profile of the user to create. For this purpose, not only entries of the person, but also the Tracking activities and interactions between users are used and evaluated. At the same time, comprehensive data protection is often a nuisance for providers. On the basis of the profile tailored advertising switch, with which such sites earn more money than with ordinary advertising.

At misuse your data being tapped in order to damage. For example, with captured information identity theft committed. Actions may then be taken on your behalf of a criminal nature perpetrated of which you have no knowledge.

In the case of theft Bank or credit card data is the damage of a financial nature. Criminals can then gain access to your money. This happens, for example, when you transmit your payment data via a unsecured connection transmit your data to them or to you by means of Spyware be spied on. It can therefore be stated that compromised data protection leads to dangers that can cause you great harm.

How to minimize data protection risks?

data protection dangers on the internet data security 2022

What can be done to reduce the dangers to data privacy??

Anyone who uses the Internet inevitably leaves data. How and whether they are protected is often out of our hands. Therefore it is important, carefully with our information, especially when it is being personal information is.

Caution is therefore required. If personal data has to be entered, users should always ask themselves whether the site is trustworthy and the connection secure. So the question is, not indiscriminate information anywhere on the Internet.

In addition, users should ask themselves, which information actually necessary are. For example, does the social network need to know everything about me, even where I am at every moment of the day? So it is about data sparing. Data that is not collected in the first place cannot be used by third parties for their own purposes.

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