Dead sea in germany therapy skin diseases

Dead Sea in Germany (therapy skin diseases)In the TOMESA specialist clinic, the climatic conditions of the Dead Sea have been recreated for 20 years and optimized for the therapy of patients with skin diseases.

Bad Salzschlirf (FZ) 20 years ago, a study trip to the Dead Sea gave the entrepreneur Karl Schneider the idea of bringing the Dead Sea to Germany. In 1982, on the outskirts of Bad Salzschlirf, he founded the TOMESA specialist clinic (stands for TOtes MEer SAlz), which, uniquely in Europe, recreates the climatic conditions of the Dead Sea in a patented system and optimizes them for the therapy of patients suffering from skin diseases.

Clinical studies showed that the salt content of the water does not have to be at 30 percent concentration as in the case of the Dead Sea in order to achieve both the effect of the mineral salts on the body and the buoyancy during bathing and thus the relief of the joints. Therefore, the brine pools in Bad Salzschlirf are operated with a fully therapeutic eight percent concentration at 34 degrees Celsius (thermal water temperature). The mineral-rich salt for the brine pools is imported directly from the Dead Sea.

dead sea in germany therapy skin diseases

If the salt content is still too high for special skin conditions – such as neurodermatitis patients with open inflammation foci – the patient can get into a specially designed tub. In this patented facility the salt content is adjusted individually. A light canopy with UV lamps is mounted above the body-shaped tub.

Since many skin diseases also involve joint problems, TOMESA opened an orthopedic-sports medicine center in 1996 after extensive renovation work in the clinic.

Today, the TOMESA specialized clinic is a recognized treatment center for people suffering from psoriasis, atopic eczema, vitiligo, chronic joint diseases and rheumatism, who are planning cosmetic surgery, are looking for cosmetic treatments or want to relax with modern wellness methods. With more than 130 employees the specialized clinics belong to. Associated facilities among the largest employers in Bad Salzschlirf.



TOMESA specialized clinic
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dead sea in germany therapy skin diseases

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