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Welcome to the website of the private dermatological practice – your dermatologist in Dresden

If the skin is healthy, the person is happy. In reference to this, somewhat modified proverb, I would like to introduce our services to you. We take care of more beautiful appearance, fulfill small cosmetic wishes, treat varicose veins and also difficult skin diseases. We, that is my practice team and I: Uwe Leupold, specialist in dermatology and venereology. I have been working as a dermatologist here in Dresden since 2001. Our practice rooms are located at Leipziger Strabe 40 in Dresden-Pieschen . You can reach us comfortably by bike, car or streetcar. Your concern is our focus, whether it's just a skin check or a major procedure. We always give thorough advice and take the time necessary to answer your questions. Our tip: Make a few notes beforehand so that you do not forget any important questions during the medical consultation. You want to make an appointment? Call during our office hours, phone: +49 (0)351 8488629 or book an appointment bindingly online around the clock . You will see, the next free appointment is much closer than you think. A booking is binding, but can be postponed or cancelled if necessary. We are looking forward to your visit.

Your dermatologist Uwe Leupold and team.

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Danger with henna tattoos

Natural color henna instead of stitched tattoos – any dermatologist will cheer. Mehndi or Mehendi are the names of these body paintings originating from India. They are less critical for the skin than tattoos. Unfortunately, most skin painters do not work with the pure red-yellow dye of the henna bush. To achieve a dark color tone, the hair dye PPD (p-phenylenediamine) is usually added. And this can cause an allergy. If the provider advertises that the result will be visible after half an hour or an hour, PPD is probably involved. For painting with pure henna you have to wait up to eight hours and then it will be more reddish than black, but not dangerous.

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