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Dermatology – dermatologyIn our group practice we diagnose and treat all skin diseases. Here is a small selection:

Infectious skin diseases like

– Fungal infections with yeast and filamentous fungi on the skin, skin folds, mucous membranes and nails – Bacterial skin diseases such as pyoderma, erysipelas, infected ulcers. – viral skin diseases such as herpes simplex, shingles (herpes zoster), warts and – bacteria-associated diseases such as z.B. the wandering redness caused by borrelia (erythema chronicum migrans) skin atrophies etc.

A large area of treatment is AKNE, a clinical picture that is not only limited to puberty. The milder forms can be treated satisfactorily with a cream, gel or tincture (depending on the skin type), preferably combined with a physical-manual acne therapy, so-called "medical cosmetics". For the treatment of moderate to severe acne, in addition to physical manual treatment, systemic therapy with the preparation isotretinoin is predestined, which almost always brings good to very good healing results.

Hair loss

A large area of dermatology deals with the so-called skin appendages such as hair and nails. Hair loss is a common phenomenon, diverse in appearance, diverse in causes and thus very complex and multi-layered in the causal clarification (hair root analysis [trichogram], blood tests).

Psoriasis – Neurodermatitis – Psoriasis

Inflammatory skin diseases: Atopic dermatitis in childhood and psoriasis in adulthood are among the most common diseases of all, and are among the most sog. Common diseases. Your examination and treatment belongs to the core area of dermatology and is carried out in my practice with modern methods up to the therapy with biologics and the very effective, but at the same time gentle excimer UV light treatment. Of course, the dermatological repertoire includes even more, let us advise you!

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