Diseases in dogs dog diseases

Dog diseasesThe most common dog diseases, initial symptoms and how to minimize future treatment costs.

diseases in dogs dog diseases

– If the dog suddenly becomes ill – The most common diseases – Take precautions – Dog health insurance / dog-op insurance

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Dog diseases – what if your dog suddenly becomes ill?

If your dog suddenly stops eating, the coat becomes brittle and dull or the animal struggles with diarrhea and fever, your four-legged friend clearly shows you that something is wrong. Often behind these signs are only mild diseases, but if your dog unexpectedly suffers from a serious disease, the treatment without dog health insurance can come expensive. In order to prevent as far as possible serious diseases with the dog, you should let it examine and inoculate regularly by the veterinary surgeon.

The most common diseases in dogs

Allergies: Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from allergies. If your dog begins to scratch constantly, you should consult a veterinarian, although other causes such as mites or fleas can also be behind it.

Ear infection: Dogs with large hanging ears are more likely to develop ear infections, as the accumulated heat in the ears provides an ideal habitat for parasites. If your four-legged friend shakes his head and holds it at an angle or you notice a strong smell in his ear, the animal belongs to the vet.

Fleas: If dogs start scratching and biting more often, this may indicate a flea infestation. If fleas are not treated, the dog can develop a so-called flea saliva allergy. In addition, fleas can also transmit tapeworms.

Ticks: Tick bites often cause skin problems in dogs. Through a bite, ticks can also transmit various diseases such as TBE or Lyme disease, which can lead to more serious illnesses in the dog.

Worms: Worms are very common in dogs. An infestation is rarely dangerous for the dog, but can lead to further health problems.

Diabetes mellitus: Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease that is especially common in older dogs. Dogs suffering from diabetes must be treated by a veterinarian.

Hip joint dysplasia: A maldevelopment of the hip joint, in which the head of the femur is not sufficiently anchored in the hip socket, can lead to osteoarthritis in the course of the disease.

Dachshund Paralysis: Dachshund paralysis is the term veterinarians use to describe paralysis of the dog's limbs. The paralysis symptoms that can affect many short-legged dog breeds are caused by a herniated disc and result in pain in the front and/or back legs.

Cataracts: In cataracts, the dog's lens becomes cloudy and the eye appears gray. Depending on how clouded the lens is, the dog sees worse or even goes blind completely. Cataracts usually develop in old age, but can also be congenital.

Tumors: Tumors are most common in older dogs, however, these growths are not necessarily cancerous, as many of these tumors are benign. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to lumps and swellings on the skin of the dog, because the sooner you discover changes in the skin, the faster the tumor can be treated.

Take precautions: with dog health insurance

Due to the many possible diseases in dogs, it is worthwhile to think about a dog health insurance resp. think about a dog surgery insurance. With pet health insurance, you can escape high treatment costs in the event of serious illnesses in your dog, because dog health insurance reimburses you for veterinary costs for outpatient, inpatient and surgical treatments, as well as for the necessary medications. Some dog health insurance also covers the cost of registration and preventive measures such as vaccinations.

Dog health insurance / dog op insurance

With the timely conclusion of a dog health insurance or dog OP insurance you secure the necessary treatment costs for your dog. If you would now like to learn more about dog health insurance or dog op insurance, please browse further with us in the appropriate dog insurance that interests you. The topic dog diseases belongs to the area dog insurance under the heading pet insurance. Will be available through your consumer forum insurance broker e.K.K. offered. Be inspired by our entertaining dog insurance video. Take a look at important information. Our dog insurance video informs you about different dog diseases or possible operations and points out their costs. Our videos are with sound. Background music deposited. Please turn on your speakers on your computer. If you scroll down with the mouse on the respective video, you can also cancel the video at any time.

Short video: Dog video on dog insurance (3.09 min)

Dog health insurance or dog-op insurance? Some of our tips or facts may help you decide.

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