Disinfection by uvc light healthtech innovation of the newest generation

Disinfection by UVC light: HealthTech innovation of the latest generationSince December 2019, nothing in the world has been the same, because since that time the Corona virus has kept people on their toes. To protect against infection with the virus, a health tech company from Leipzig has developed a method that is as efficient as it is harmless to health.

Unique health technology worldwide

Especially at the moment, as more and more countries are scaling back their infection control measures and z. B. abolish the mandatory use of masks, solutions are needed to minimize the risk of infection indoors. Here, the Leipzig-based company Viraprevent has developed products that fulfill this task.

The founder and CEO, Dr. Lutz Rothe explains why the technology he developed is such an important development for the future: "Corona will continue to exist and unfortunately it will not have been the last pandemic". With the help of UVC light of certain wavelengths, which are able to kill bacteria, viruses and other germs, rooms at risk of infection such as hospitals or gyms can be disinfected without harming people.

In addition, UVC light is a promising solution for combating multi-resistant germs, which kill more than 1 million people every year because antibiotics are no longer effective against them. This is why disinfection with UVC light is a milestone that can save the lives of countless people.

Disinfection of indoor air& Surfaces as a special feature

With regard to corona and multi-resistant germs, the goal must be to prevent infection as early as possible. This can only be achieved if bacteria and viruses are killed primarily where the risk of infection is particularly high, i.e. indoors. The UVC lamps therefore use a specific wavelength to cleanse the air in the room and all surfaces of pathogens and disinfect them.

Viraprevent can be used safely in any room under everyday conditions. In addition, the products meet all national and international standards and do not penetrate the skin or cornea when in use.

Viraprevent's emitters are designed to disinfect rooms of up to 140 cubic meters with high efficiency. Compared to UV bulbs, UVC lamps are not only more effective, but also consume significantly less energy.

UVC disinfection is gaining a lot of traction

The business model has big goals. The company has set itself the goal of equipping buildings such as hospitals, hotels, offices, gyms and means of transport such as trains, planes and elevators with Viraprevent. This would not only be an exemption for medical facilities, aviation, hospitality& culture as well as public transport, but also a major contribution to the solution with regard to the fundamental and sustainable control of Corona, other viruses and multi-resistant germs.

The health tech industry is already showing great interest in UVC technology as a highly efficient disinfection method. The lamps can prevent mass infection and thus relieve the health care system, the economy and society, because people have known what the consequences of a pandemic can be since the outbreak of the current Corona pandemic at the latest.

In the long term, Viraprevent has set itself the goal of preventing the more than 20 million deaths that are expected to result directly from the pathogens or indirectly from the secondary diseases of infection with bacteria, viruses and, above all, multiresistant germs.

Dr. Lutz Rothe is considered to be a passionate inventor, so it would not be surprising if he came up with further innovations with high benefits. His company's UVC emitters are definitely a revolution in infection prevention and protection.

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