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Online marketingCreativity, inventiveness and a whole lot of dynamism: the online world never stands still. Become a digital expert now with the online marketing distance learning program.

Programming of web applications

Sales and Procurement

Salesforce Platform Management

Social Media Marketing I

Social Media Marketing II

Supply Chain Management

Elective module: Salesforce Platform Management

Salesforce is the world's most widely used software solution for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The tool is characterized by the fact that it offers a very large number of functions and integrates the latest technologies. Since the specialization takes place in cooperation with Salesforce, you will also be prepared for certifications within the framework of the module.

Theory-practice transfer in the distance learning course Online Marketing

Learn to apply your new knowledge directly in practice!

In a variety of modules, e.g. B. Collaborative Work, Market research and Digital Publishing, you have the chance to present your own concepts in the context of your online tutorials. You will learn selected contents. Critically reflect on your arguments.

In addition, you will work on real, practical projects in four portfolio modules. Here you have the opportunity to set up your very own cross-media or social media campaign. You will deal with ethically and socially relevant problems so that you can personally develop into an informed, responsible and problem-solving professional in the field. In the portfolio courses, you will tackle creative projects from the briefing, through conception and idea development, to the delivery of the finished product – without any compulsory attendance. You will go through the different phases of a creative process, get an insight into the professional practice through given deadlines and always benefit from the realistic time reference of your projects. Also, you are already working with online marketing tools that prepare you specifically for a career in online marketing.

Flexible, interactive, practical: This is how you learn by distance learning

– Whether full-time, part-time, abroad or with a child: Your distance learning program adapts to your life. You learn online and 100% flexible – from the start of the course to the exam. – Thanks to our online campus, which innovative learning app IU Learn and digital courses, you can perfectly integrate your studies into your everyday life. – You also have a choice when it comes to your exams: write them online – 24/7 365 days a year – or quite classically on site. – Exchange ideas with other students and teachers at any time: via the online campus, MS Teams, by e-mail or in interactive courses.

Career prospects in online marketing

Online marketing managers are responsible for ensuring that a company is professionally positioned and visible in all digital media. This makes them an indispensable part of almost any business. After your graduation in the distance learning Online Marketing you will work for example as a .

SEO Manager:in

The most beautiful web presence contributes little to the success of a company if potential customers do not become aware of it. That is why there are SEO managers:inside. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization – i.e. search engine optimization. As a professional in this field, you'll make sure that websites are found as well as possible during Internet searches. To do this, you analyze, for example, which keywords are particularly relevant for your product or brand and develop strategies for the linking structure on your website. Your goal: to direct as many users as possible to your website. If you want to get a foothold in SEO, you should have an analytical mindset and enjoy working with numbers. Above all, you should be curious and have the desire to constantly develop yourself – because SEO is constantly evolving and your work the day after tomorrow may already look very different from your work today.

Social Media Manager:in

Thankfully, gone are the days when social media was dismissed as a pastime or intern job. The job description has now taken a firm place in the corporate world and is constantly evolving. As a social media manager:in, you will manage different company channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube for your employer. You fill the platforms daily with channel specific posts resp. tweets and are responsible for evaluating campaigns. To do this, you usually create editorial plans and strategies, while keeping an eye on current trends and media phenomena, as well as your company's communication goals. To generate exciting content, you depend on news and need reliable sources both within and outside the company. Due to this you belong in the best case to the born networker:inside as well as original Texter:inside and are always informed about the current events. For community management you need a cool head, spontaneity and a certain reaction speed, because you are sometimes also responsible for crisis communication.

SEA Manager:in

It's hard to imagine marketing teams without them: SEA managers, as the name Search Engine Advertising (SEA) implies, take care of search engine advertising. Your main task is to address users within the various search engines with target group-specific campaigns or advertisements or to persuade them to make a purchase. The nuts and bolts of this job are HTML skills as well as know-how in web and tracking analysis in order to be able to act strategically in the search engine environment. You define goals, research keywords using different tools, create ad texts and derive appropriate measures from them. This is where your analytical skills and powers of observation come in: you optimize keywords and ads to achieve the best possible results. You realize in this job you need a soft spot for numbers, clear structures and the ability to keep an eye on the big picture and make profitable changes when necessary. Last but not least, you should be open to a constantly changing job description and have an appetite for new tools and updates that need to be acquired – often on your own responsibility.

Study model and prices in the Bachelor distance learning Online Marketing

Depending on your personal or professional situation, full-time study is not always easy to manage. That's why we've developed part-time programs for all of our degree programs, offering flexible and longer durations. Here's how you can study alongside your job or during your time off, whether at home or abroad. The content of the different models is identical. Depending on the study model, we will adjust your tuition fees accordingly. Part-time variants reduce your weekly learning load.

If you don't finish your degree in the time allotted? No problem! We develop the right study model for everyone. If you find that you need more time, simply change to another time model with three months notice by the end of the month. These are our different study options:

Perfect for those who want to get a head start and shorten their study time by learning at a faster pace.

348€ /mtl 369€ Until 3. May enroll, 1.Save 444€ & get a free iPad. Secure a study spot now

Duration 48 mon.

Super for all-round talents who want to go full throttle in their studies alongside their job and at the same time reduce monthly study costs.

303€ /mtl 319€ Up to 3. May enroll, 1.Save 444€ & get a free iPad. Secure your study place now

Duration 72 mon.

Ideal for those who want to complete their degree at their leisure, alongside the hustle and bustle of everyday life and a job, and reduce monthly tuition costs.

209€ /mtl 219€ Up to 3. May enroll, 1.save 444€ & get a free iPad. Secure your study place now


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