Dkv gesundheitsapp save doctor’s findings vaccination passport or medication plan. Or immediately invoiced

Use the My DKV app to submit your receipts easily and quickly.

You are not registered yet? You will need:

– First name – Last name – Date of birth – Insurance policy number (Numeric, max. 9 places)

That's all you need to submit receipts via the app. You will also receive a TAN from us via SMS or letter. This allows you, if you wish, to additionally register the electronic health record (eGA).

With the app "Meine DKV" (My DKV), Deutsche Krankenversicherung AG (DKV) provides its customers with an app for submitting benefit documents and an electronic health record (eGA). With eGA, you can keep track of all the health data that is relevant to you (z.B. Doctor's visits, vaccinations, medications, screenings, medical documents, etc.). Download the app from the stores as usual. Use the new functions.
If you have any questions, please contact us by phone: 0800-3746086 we will be happy to help you!

The new functions of the "My DKV App

Dkv gesundheitsapp save doctor's findings vaccination passport or medication plan. or immediately enter invoices

Invoice submission

Submit service receipts digitally to your health insurance company (z.B. sick notes, documents)

Dkv gesundheitsapp save doctor's findings, vaccination passport or medication plan. or enter invoices right away

DKV services

Use the following DKV services:

– Access to the "My Insurance" portal – Change of address – Change of bank data – Travel health insurance – Drug price comparison – Doctor search – Online magazine – About DKV

Electronic Health Record (eGA)

– Vaccinations / Vaccination information and status Enter your vaccinations in the eGA, find out which vaccinations the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO) recommends for you and receive information about your vaccination protection. – Medication / nationally standardized medication plan You can add your medication plan. – Doctor visits Enter your doctor visits to keep track of them. – Documents / Photos Upload your medical documents to the eGA to z.B. Have doctor's reports available digitally in one place. – Emergency data Document important emergency information and share it with others. Enter preventive medical checkups. Receive preventive care advice based on legal recommendations. – KV Connect Start digital data exchange with participating physicians. Via the KV-Connect interface, you can send documents (z.B. receive eDoctor's letter).


As a private health insurance company, we are committed to providing the best possible protection for your health data. To use the full functions of the app, a sog. Require 2-factor authentication. After an initial registration step, in which you must enter information such as your surname, first name, insurance number and date of birth, you can use the app's basic functions. The focus here is on the invoice submission function. For the second registration step, which is necessary for the use of the eGA, a TAN (= transaction number) must be entered, which will be provided to you by mail or as an SMS message. After entering the TAN, you can then use all the functions (eGA) of the "My DKV" app.

Submit invoices

With the new app, in addition to the new e-health functions, you can photograph invoices as before or submit them via the QR code.

"My DKV App" Download

The "My DKV App is available free of charge to all customers, whether fully insured or with supplementary insurance, in the online stores.

Dkv gesundheitsapp save doctor's findings, vaccination passport or medication plan. or enter invoices straight away

Alternatively, you can also use these links:

Note: The prerequisite for using the service is an existing insurance coverage with DKV that includes the reimbursement of outpatient medical or dental bills or inpatient treatment. dentist bills or inpatient medical bills.

My DKV App – Frequently Asked Questions

The electronic health record is your very own personal patient file, in which you can digitally record your medical data. This includes doctor visits, immunizations, prescribed medications, as well as X-rays and other documents. The digital file is provided by IBM Deutschland GmbH and stored on German servers. DKV policyholders can use this service free of charge. With eGA, your medical data is always available to you. Your advantage: If you change doctors or if several doctors, hospitals and therapists work together, your treatment can be optimized based on your patient data. In addition, you can store your data indefinitely, unlike health insurance companies, for example. The functions of the health record are constantly being expanded, so that further service areas and storage options will be added.

The "My DKV" app is another service offered by DKV. As with all service offerings, use is voluntary. Anyone who wants to take advantage of the benefits for themselves will be able to. The app is currently available for the iOS operating system, version 10 or higher.0. Android from version 6.0 available.0 and Android from version 6.0 available.

The app was tested with iPhone generations 5, 6, 7 and X. The functionality of the app for older devices cannot be guaranteed. The Android version has been tested with different devices. Operating system versions tested. Due to the variety of devices on the market, we cannot guarantee the functionality of all devices.

You can use the health app to submit medical expense receipts.

The use of the electronic health file is free of charge for insured persons.

This is not possible in the current version. Children can use the file from the age of 16. Use for the first year of life. However, family access is planned in the future.

You can only make manual entries, upload PDFs, for example of findings, or scan barcodes of medications.

The insured can access all the information he considers relevant, regardless of time and place. For the first time, the insured person has the possibility to retrieve all relevant health and disease data at any time and from any place (network connection provided). A good information base is the A. O in medical care. Every medical history – with a maintained eGA – becomes child's play. Duplicate examinations or incorrect diagnosis or therapy recommendations due to information deficits can thus be prevented. In the future, he should also be able to perform his own analyses (e.g., for the purpose of data analysis).B. be able to do so via histories). Exclusively the insured person. He is the sovereign of his data. Has accordingly the sole sovereignty over his sensitive data. He is the sovereign of his data. The insured person has sole control over his or her sensitive data. Since only he has the key for encryption/decryption on his mobile device, this is also technically ensured.

This is not yet possible in the current version. A corresponding interface is being planned. However, first in the direction of the doctor to the file, so that, for example, doctor's letters can be saved.

No, because access and verification are ensured via the app My DKV. If you cancel your DKV membership, you will still have access to the file for 28 days after the last day of membership, because that is how long your access to "My DKV" will last valid.

Basically nothing at first. However, if problems are detected during the beta phase, it may be necessary to re-register. This would lead to data loss.

There are two prerequisites for accessing and using the electronic health record:

1. Registration with My DKV 2. Using the app My DKV on your mobile device

If you are not yet a user of the My DKV app, please download the latest version from the Google Play Store (Android) or the Apple Store, depending on your operating system.

In the My DKV app, you will find the "electronic health record" button on the start screen This guides you through the multi-stage registration process when you use it for the first time. Please understand the very extensive procedure due to the high level of protection of your data. The security of your data is our highest priority.

Via the app My DKV, DKV uniquely identifies you as a DKV policyholder and thus as an authorized user. This has two advantages for you: DKV pays the license fees without you receiving an invoice. In addition, you remain anonymous to IBM Deutschland GmbH in this way.

During registration, the following information is transmitted and stored by DKV to eGA:

– Title, first and last name – DKV insurance number – and a technical reference number

During registration, an additional eGA customer number is created on the IBM side. Only the technical reference number can be read by IBM and is used for unique assignment, so that the insured person's access to his or her personal eGA is guaranteed.

You must first re-register the DKV app with your personal activation code, which you received by post or as an SMS from DKV when you registered for the first time. Afterwards, the eGA must be re-registered on the mobile device. For this purpose, the key, which you should store separately, is mandatory.

The contracting party is IBM Deutschland GmbH. A contract is concluded with IBM Germany when you confirm the general terms and conditions (GTC) and the data protection declaration and you order the transmission of your profile data. You can read the general terms and conditions and the data protection declaration under the menu item "Information" read in the health record.

No. The data belongs only to you. No one but you can read the data and have access to it, as all content is encrypted and can only be made readable with the key stored on your smartphone.

No. Since access authorization to the health file runs via the DKV app, you as a customer remain anonymous to IBM. All data transmitted by DKV is encrypted in terms of content. Only you have the decryption key on your mobile device.

If you do not access the eGA for more than twelve months, the data will be stored for another twelve months. The file is then deleted. When your DKV insurance ends, you still have access to the file for 28 days.

In the menu under "Contract you have the option to cancel. You are offered to export the data. After that, the data will be irretrievably deleted.

The app My DKV only provides access to the electronic health record. It is only the viewing window, so to speak. All data is encrypted outside the app. The information is only decrypted and displayed on your mobile device. Only you have the key for decryption. For this reason, neither IBM nor DKV have insight into the file.

Your data is triple encrypted. In addition to encryption on the storage medium and transport encryption, your data is also encrypted in terms of content (so-called content encryption). For the latter encryption only you have the key. This has the great advantage that only you can see the data on your mobile device. The disadvantage is: If you lose the key, you also lose all the data in your file. It is therefore particularly important that you also store the key outside your mobile device.

On German servers in Frankfurt am Main and Ehningen.

You can store the data in the electronic health record for as long as you like. The data belongs to you.

Contractual obligations with IBM include storage on German servers and the exclusion of access to the servers of parent companies outside the EU, EEA or EFTA. Irrespective of this, the data cannot be read at all because of the content encryption. Because you carry the key with you on your mobile device.

If you lose the key, you will no longer be able to access your file if a new registration is necessary. This is the case, for example, when you set up a new mobile device. Therefore the urgent advice: Please store this key securely outside your mobile device.

No, only the user determines what goes into the file, what goes out or who gets access to this information. The right to informational self-determination is a high good and is respected at all times. Only the user has access to the data. Not even IBM Deutschland GmbH can view the data, as the decryption key is stored on the user's mobile device. In contrast to freely available and free files, which commercially exploit the stored data, the eGA data are not exploited by third parties. This is only possible if the user gives the data to a third party.

The data in your electronic health record is always encrypted outside your mobile device. So nobody – except you – can read this data. Only you have the key on your mobile device for encryption when sending the data to the storing server or for decryption when fetching the data from the storing server. It is first created on your device and stored there. Because no one can read the data without this key, it is so important to store it securely in a place away from your smartphone.

The key is absolutely necessary for the decryption of your sensitive data on your mobile device. You alone possess the security key. Without this key the data remain encrypted. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you additionally store this key outside the mobile device. Where and how you store the key outside the file is your responsibility. For saving you have several possibilities: As a PDF or as an image of the letter-number combination (also in the form of a QR code). For example, if you buy a new mobile device, only you can access your data with the stored key.

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