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The Do Khyi, also Tibetan dog or Tibetan Mastiff The Tibetan Mastiff is a very old dog breed and has its origin in the high plateaus of the Himalayas. The self-confident, strong dog has a pronounced protective instinct and is not only because of its imposing appearance an ideal guard of larger estates. The will to subordination is not particularly pronounced in the Tibetan dog, so this breed also belongs in the hands of connoisseurs. The Do Khyi comes from the high plateaus of the Himalayas. Considered one of the oldest dog breeds of the East. Due to geographic isolation, this breed – like other ancient domestic breeds of Tibet – has remained relatively unchanged over many centuries. Since ancient times, the Tibetan Dogue has been known as guard dog of Tibetan shepherds in use and is considered as a traditional Guard dog of Tibetan monasteries. The dogs protect their herds from attacks by wolves, snow leopards and other intruders. In their homeland they enjoy therefore also all-largest appreciation. The first Do Khyi arrived in the western world only in the middle of the 19th century. The Doberman is a breed of the twentieth century and has always been one of the rarest dog breeds. The Tibetan Mastiff is with its shoulder height of over 66 cm. A weight of about 60 kg a decidedly imposing appearance. With his strong and muscular body and the – especially in males – pronounced thick neck mane, he appears majestically sublime and commanding respect.

The millennia of selection in the extreme climatic conditions of the high mountain regions formed the breed robust, weatherproof and very frugal. The dense coat with a lot of undercoat offers an ideal protection against wetness and coldness. The Do Khyi is available in the colors black, black-tan, gray-tan and gold-colored and bred.

Character and nature

The Do Khyi has a distinctive Protective instinct and is according to his original purpose also territorial predisposed. He is calm and has strong nerves, but in case of emergency he reacts quickly and fearlessly. He is loyal and affectionate to his people, reserved to suspicious of strangers, but not aggressive. Despite its size and strength, the Do Khyi is an affectionate family dog that loves its pack without reserve, even if it does not show it all the time.

The highly intelligent, self-confident dog needs in any case a early imprinting on other dogs and environmental influences, a close family connection and a consistent, loving upbringing. His will to subordinate is not particularly strong, but with a little tact and empathy some things can be achieved. But blind obedience should not be expected from this breed. A Do Khyi is suitable for people who value personality and intact social behavior in their dog.

Tibetan dogs love the stay in the open air and need a Task as guardian and protector of a larger territory. In addition, they love long walks and also enjoy tracking and trailing. Do Khyi are also increasingly used in therapy dog and rescue dog training. As a city dog or apartment dog, the powerful Tibetan dog is not suitable.

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