Do you know that some clothes can harm your health bezzia

Know that some clothes can harm your health?

Even if it may seem strange, Some clothes can harm your health. This is pointed out by health authorities, and therefore it is important to take time to consider this ie. For many people, clothing is a way to express their creativity. Clothing can show a part of you that you want others to see.

But if some clothes are worn too often, it is possible that we may unintentionally compromise various aspects of health. Do you want to find out which clothes do the most damage and avoid them? We will tell you everything about this subject in a moment.

Clothes that can harm the health

it is not only about a particular garment, but also about the shape or the fabric used. The size and shape of the particular garment can also have an impact. In other words, the most dangerous clothes for health are those that are very tight, those that conform to the body and prevent proper blood circulation and those that do not allow sweating under conditions.

Especially clothes that are very tight in the lower part of the body. The pants fit tightly at the crotch, into the thighs and legs. Although fashion has recently become wider, skinny jeans never go out of fashion as they wear the widest and loosest pants and jeans. In this type of garments, these are the most dangerous and the ones that can harm your health the most.

Jeans, shorts and super tight pants

Most likely they are part of your closet and nothing will happen if you use them from time to time. But everything these garments that completely cling to the body, they are very dangerous to your health. On the one hand, wearing very tight clothes in the crotch area is very dangerous for intimate health. For both men and women, tight pants or pants with thick fabrics can cause irritation and bad sweating in the intimate area.

The body

A garment that comes and goes but never goes out of fashion, the bodysuits so stylized and so flattering are suitable for all types of bodies. However, especially in the vaginal area it is a hyper-tight garment. Heat, humidity and bad sweating, can damage the intimate area and cause all kinds of vaginal infections. The same goes for swimsuits and bikinis, which need to be changed frequently to avoid moisture in the intimate area.

The tights

Although the term stockings is most often used, there are important differences between stockings and pantyhose. Stockings are those that reach the thigh and are worn with light or silicone bands that fit on the leg. The pantyhose reach the waist and cover the entire hip area, the pelvis, Thigh and intimate area. The friction of the fabric with the skin, the seams and the tightness in the area are hazards that should be avoided in order not to damage vaginal health.

Underwear made of synthetic fabrics

If there is a garment that is constantly worn and can damage health, it is undoubtedly underwear. It is something that is worn every day and therefore it is important to choose this type of garment very well. The panties, thongs or the type of underwear you like to wear, it must always or in most cases be made of cotton, a natural and breathable material this avoids many problems of itching, allergies or irritation.

Lace, silk and synthetic undergarments can be sexier to the naked eye, but should be limited to limited occasions. For everyday life, it is preferable to wear underwear made of a more respectful fabric with the body and this area so sensitive that it can easily suffer the consequences of too tight clothes and synthetic fabrics.

Always dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable, With clothes that make you feel comfortable, convenient and beautiful. It doesn't matter if it's more or less tight, because what makes you sexy and attractive is how you feel about life and not the clothes you wear. Don't put your health at risk by wearing fashion or clothing that you know is not good for you.

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