Dog breed dobermann hundeversicherung steckbrief

Dog breed DobermanDog breed Doberman: The Doberman attitude, its origin, its diseases, the Doberman dog insurance and much more.

The most important in brief to the: Doberman

Dog breed Doberman in short portrait

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Doberman breed description

The Doberman origin and thus also its origin, lies in Germany. Pinscher dog groups. Schnauzer actively involved.

Dog breed doberman hundeversicherung steckbrief

More on Doberman history: It is the only dog breed that carries the name of its breeder, Friedrich Louis Dobermann, geb. 1834, who was a dog catcher, tax collector, night policeman and knacker by profession. By his profession he had the right to catch the dogs running free in his district. From this stock he bred exceptionally sharp dogs, which were unconditional fighters and incorruptible guards, not impressed by stick blows or shots. In those days, purebred pedigree dogs were very few and far between, but breeding dog breeds for a specific purpose and appearance became more and more fashionable. Doberman breeding served the purpose of breeding not only vigilant, but also defensible dogs to protect the farm and home. At that time, these found their use not only as herding and guard dogs, but also in active police service. Even nowadays, the dog breed Doberman is still used in England in the patrol of everyday police life. The Doberman was also used as a tracking dog. Used in the hunt for wild animals.

The Doberman is a purebred dog breed recognized by the FCI. In Doberman breeding nowadays, a strong, muscular and medium built dog is desired. Regardless of the massive body substance, elegant and aristocratic features should also be recognizable in the body shape and its lines. The proud attitude of the dog breed Doberman is accompanied by a temperamental nature, ideal for a wide range of use.

With the Doberman attitude you should keep in mind that this breed is not only suitable as a companion, working, guide and protection dog, but can also be integrated as a family dog. With the Doberman education However, one must not forget that this dog breed is a pronounced one-man dog and accordingly recognizes only this as a pack leader, whom he obeys unconditionally. A later change of owner can be difficult or even impossible for this reason. Although the Doberman is not considered a classic fighting dog, it is still one of the more dangerous dogs. It does not get along at all with other dogs and for this reason alone a good dog insurance in the form of the dog liability should be locked for it absolutely.

The nature of the Doberman is friendly and exceptionally peaceful, he is attached to his family and loves children (this point should be taken with caution). It has a sensitive, attentive, obedient and very intelligent character. Only against strangers he should become aggressive. Protect the family sharply. Dobermans can be brought up to high obedience with good leadership. The dogs are powerful and courageous and can show dangerous hardness in case of emergency. The self-confident and fearless nature makes him an ideal house and yard dog, which can adapt well to its environment. Already as a puppy, however, must be his barking joyfulness. The tendency to poaching to be prevented. Raising a Doberman in a species-appropriate way requires a certain amount of experience and should never be left to a beginner. Also the attendance of a dog school should be absolutely considered. Since the Doberman is a very active dog, it needs a lot of exercise and outings to stay healthy and balanced. A spacious house with a large garden would be ideal for him, keeping in a small city apartment is not advisable.

For an improved optics the ears and the tail were docked to the Dobermann in many places, since a short-cut tail tail and short, protruding ears are valid here as beauty ideal. However, this is now prohibited in some countries, such as Australia, Germany and Austria for animal welfare reasons. So you can see this dog breed more and more often in its natural peculiarity, with drooping ears and a long tail rod.

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Doberman characteristics, Doberman temperament

easy to handle, attentive, eager to learn, temperamental, alert, fearless, sensitive in soul

Doberman Age 10 – 14 years Doberman size Shoulder height 61 – 72 cm Doberman weight 27 – 41 Kg Doberman color black with reddish brown accents to dark brown with reddish accents

Doberman Coat/Fur Care The coat is smooth, short and has a hard and dense expression, an undercoat as in long-haired breeds does not exist here. Due to the short coat, these dogs do not shed so much and are very easy to care for.

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