Dog drinks a lot when does a dog drink too much

Dog drinks a lot: These 5 facts explain what's behind itAs with humans, it is important that dogs drink fresh water every day. However, sometimes it can happen, That your dog drinks more than usual. The Causes The reasons for this can be quite different. You can read more about this in this article.

Dog drinks a lot of water: 5 facts at a glance

Increased drinking can occur in your four-legged friend due to special circumstances, such as when he is physically exerting himself, high temperatures prevail or you change his food.

However, it can also be caused by very serious diseases that your dog suddenly drinks a lot. So watch him closely if you notice that he is drinking more than usual. An examination at the vet prevents the dangerous spread of diseases.

Diseases often develop gradually and it is not uncommon for dog owners to wait several days or weeks before they notice that their dog is drinking too much. That is why the visit to the veterinarian is highly advisable.

As a rule of thumb: Your dog should usually drink between 40 and 100 ml of water per kilogram of body weight per day.

Too much water is not healthy for your pet, as it can put a strain on its organism.

Dog drinks a lot: disease-related causes

The list of possible illnesses that your four-legged friend's increased thirst may indicate is long:

✖ stress leads to the fact that your pelt nose takes more water at times.

Diabetes may be one reason your Dog drinks more. It is even typical for dogs suffering from diabetes to show an increased water intake.

Cushing's disease can be the trigger of the increased drinking volume.

Hormone producing Thyroid tumors make your furry nose thirstier.

✖ Uterine inflammations in bitches represent an absolute medical emergency. The Excessive intake of water and other symptoms of the disease, also known as pyometra, usually appear a few weeks after the last heat.

If your dog suffers from Gastrointestinal illness, he will lose a lot of fluid due to the vomiting and diarrhea and drink more accordingly.

Cautionvomiting, diarrhea and increased drinking may also be present in your dog when he is poisoned has.

Probably the most common reason for increased water intake is a disease of the kidneys. This can be acute or chronic and leads to more urine being excreted due to impaired kidney function.

Tip: Since u. a. As kidney insufficiencies can cause very serious and sometimes life-threatening conditions, you should observe your dog sufficiently to notice any behavioral changes in time. A very light urine could for example be a Indication of kidney disease his.

Drinking quantity in dogs – not always a cause for concern

Dog drinks a lot when does a dog drink too much

If your dog drinks more than usual, this does not necessarily give you a reason to worry:

– Your dog is drinking a lot and panting? Don't worry, on a warm to hot day or after increased physical activity, it's perfectly normal for your four-legged friend to want to drink a lot. – The amount of drinking always depends on your feeding pattern. If you feed your dog wet food or barf, the water content in the food is naturally already very high. Then your dog will also take in proportionally less water than he would after eating dry food.

AttentionIf you switch from wet to dry food, it is very likely that your dog will regularly drink more than you are used to.

Does your dog take certain Medication such as cortisone a, he can have a Increased thirst show.

After vomiting or diarrhea, dogs show an increased need for fluids.

Puppy drinks a lot

What is true for adult dogs is also true for your dog Puppies:

– If your puppy suddenly drinks a lot more, this can indicate a disease, especially if he also shows other symptoms. – Puppies sometimes tend to be overly active due to their playful nature. If your puppy is too exhausted, he will need to drink more fluids.

Dog suddenly drinks a lot – when to go to the vet?

Dog drinks a lot when does a dog drink too much

Often dog owners do not notice the increased thirst of their four-legged companions for a long time. Only with the visible consequences of the increased water intake do they suspect that something is wrong with their dog:

– Your dog has to urinate excessively often and for a long time. – He urges to go outside more and more often. – Your dog is suddenly no longer housebroken.

ImportantIf you notice that your dog is drinking increased amounts of water, you should definitely take him to your veterinarian Veterinarian go, because serious illnesses can also be responsible for the strong thirst.

To determine the exact cause To clarify the situation with your dog, your veterinarian will perform a clinical examination carry out with him. Other tests such as blood, urine, X-ray or ultrasound may also be necessary to assist in diagnosis.

How much should a dog drink?

The Drinking amount of dogs depends on various factors. The dog's activity level, the weather, the body weight and the type of feeding have an influence on the requirements. As a rule, dogs should drink between 40 and 100 ml of water per kilogram of body weight per day. So, for a 10 kg dog, this would be a maximum of 1 liter of water per day. In another article, we explore the question of how much water a dog needs in more detail.

How much does a dog drink?

If you have observed that your dog is drinking more, you should measure the amount of water he takes in daily. This will help your veterinarian to assess whether your dog is indeed taking in noticeably increased amounts of water and to derive the further diagnostic steps from this. Note the following factors:

Let your four-legged friend sip from only one drinking bowl and avoid that he drinks from streams or puddles on the day of the measurement.

Make sure that no other animals access to the drinking bowl have your furry nose.

Place the bowl at a cool and shady place, so that not so much water can evaporate.

Measure the amount of water in a Measuring cup From.

Dog drinks extremely much: water intoxication (hyperhydration)

If your dog drinks too much water, there is a risk that he will overhydrate and thus his electrolyte balance will be out of balance. Normally he releases the excess liquid by urinating. following symptoms may still occur:

– Vomiting – Bloated belly – Restlessness – Tiredness – Movement disorders – Breathing problems – Dilated pupils

In bad cases, your furry nose suffers from severe convulsions or it will unconscious. Then you should immediately visit your veterinarian.

Dog drinking a lot when does a dog drink too much

What can futalis do for you in case of increased water intake due to the kidneys?

Is the reason increased water intake in a disease of the kidneys, you should dietary measures Take steps to best support your dog. For this it is necessary that Food optimally to its now changed requirements:

The kidneys are a detoxification organ. If they are limited in their ability to function, they cannot excrete the metabolic products optimally. To relieve the kidneys, you should reduce the supply of proteins and thus the meat content in the feed ration. Our veterinarians recommend an individual kidney diet feed.

We also recommend, fermentable fibers add to the ration. The resulting change in pH reduces the absorption of dangerous protein breakdown products from the intestine.

In addition, in the feed should only small amounts of sodium as well as phosphorus be included, since dogs with kidney disease have problems excreting these substances.

You should absolutely Adjust the intake of water-soluble vitamins, because your four-legged friend excretes these substances more frequently due to the increased urge to urinate.

Dog drinks a lot when does a dog drink too much

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