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Our topic page about dog health, health around your dog. Of course, a healthy diet is especially important. So that the right dog food (Truths about dog food). It depends however not only on the what, but also on the how much, the overweight is a serious problem also with dogs. But it is also important to protect your darling from diseases.

With us you find valuable information around the topic illnesses with the dog prevent and everything, so that the dog remains hopefully healthy and has a long, fulfilled life at your side.

Please note: If your dog has serious symptoms or complaints right now? Suffers? Then it would certainly be better to take him to the vet and not waste too much time on the Internet.

You don't have a dog yet?

If you don't have a dog yet, you will surely feel different when you read what problems dogs can have due to various diseases. Many dogs stay healthy all their life, even fleas (actively fighting fleas in dogs) and ticks do not bother them much. Dogs and their health can also be very expensive, a small fortune paid to the vet. Having a dog by your side means a lot of responsibility. You need time for him, but should also have reserves in case he gets sick.

Maintain dog health

You can also do a lot before buying a puppy to prevent diseases and to get a healthy dog. There are breeders who "breed" dogs without consideration of losses and often take puppies away from their mother and littermates much too early. The parents are also not tested for preventable diseases (in the Labrador this would be a test for hip dysplasia) and so you get a sick puppy. Of course, these also deserve a home, but demand unfortunately creates supply.

– Weaver, Dr. Maximilian (Author)

Health and weight are also related in dogs

Many health problems in dogs are homemade, because they are related to malnutrition. Fat dogs suffer more often than average from diabetes and joint problems. With enough movement, an amount of food appropriate to this movement, you can prevent weight problems well. This starts already in the puppy age: Puppy food.

Parasites are a health hazard for dogs

Another big problem for dog health are parasites. Mites, fleas and ticks, in southern countries also mosquitoes. All these can also transmit dangerous diseases (ticks: Lyme disease, mosquitoes: heartworm, leishmaniasis). But you can also protect your dog against parasites. Protect dog against fleas.

Prevent saves veterinary surgeon costs

Of course, not all vet visits can be avoided. Especially since the vet is an important pillar in preventive care, especially when it comes to important vaccinations (for example, against rabies or kennel cough). But you can take over the dental care of your dog yourself, protect him against parasites and check during regular cuddle hours whether the fur is in order, no small injuries are present and for example the ears are clean. To name only a few possibilities.

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