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Nowadays dogs are rarely euthanized due to old age, but they die because of degenerative diseases, which occur in multiples (several diseases at the same time).

How many of them are caused by environmental influences, taking medication or wrong nutrition, can only be estimated. Listening to opinions of renowned veterinarians such as, Dr. med. vet. Jutta Ziegler from Austria (author of the book, Rohkappchen und der zahnlose Wolf), Dr. med. vet. Franz Spitzer from Cyprus or veterinarian Dirk Schrader from Hamburg, who escaped the mainstream of the veterinary profession, you can quickly see how the feed companies influence our veterinarians in terms of nutrition. Are nevertheless even the technical literature for veterinary surgeons long no longer independently. If you look at the back cover of one of the most comprehensive textbooks on animal nutrition, "Clinical Dietetics for Small Animals", it says inside the cover: courtesy of Hill's. As a questioning dog lover, you should not let your veterinarian tell you all the truth about treatment and nutrition.

Due to the ever increasing number of sick dogs, as well as the persuasions of our customers, we have made it our mission to keep healthy dogs healthy and to provide relief for sick dogs. What began as a production for our own dogs, as well as the dogs of our friends and acquaintances, as well as recommendation customers, is now to be made available to other dog lovers nationwide.

A family that knows what is good for your four-legged friend.

We – that is my wife Ilona, operator of the dog salon Kelly, our son Dustin, our Border Collie bitch Kelly and I, Hans-Dieter Wirth, founder of the family businesses Hundesalon Kelly and Profi BARF Shop.

How it all began

During a routine health check of our 12 year old Border Collie we were told by our veterinarian about the excellent health condition of our dog. That was in retrospect probably the birth of the professional BARF store. We researched why our dogs were vital and healthy until old age, while many other dog owners had recurring health problems. It was only then that we realized that it must be due to the diet that my father and I had been following for years and that we had improved again and again. In the next time we read, researched, acquired knowledge and tried out many things. Finally, together with veterinarians and based on the blood tests of our dogs, we have developed the recipe of our ready BARF complete menus. The veterinary examinations prove it in black and white: our fresh meat combination provides dogs with everything they need.

Our philosophy

As certified nutritionists for dogs, our philosophy is to provide with our ready-BARF menus (All in One) ..

… to provide an optimal combination of nutrients for your dog

… to keep healthy dogs healthy in the long term

… to provide sick dogs with relief (sometimes even healing)

The most important points of our products

– No chemical colorings, preservatives or additives – No fillers, no attractants – No added fats – No animal meal – No vegetable or grain meal – No use of corn and soy – Gentle preparation – Raw materials exclusively from slaughtered animals approved for human consumption

For almost 4 decades we have been constantly working on optimizing our food to feed your four-legged friends in a balanced, healthy and species-appropriate way. The targeted interaction of the natural raw materials of our products, as well as the consideration of scientific findings contribute significantly to the well-being of your dog.

Through regular blood analyses of our own dogs, we have succeeded in developing a ready-to-use BARF menu (All in One), which is a natural basis for vitality, well-being and health through the balanced composition of the nutritional ingredients.

The addition of other food components is no longer required.

Healthy feeding without much effort. Try it out!

We of the professional BARF store attach great importance to quality and regionality. All slaughterhouses that supply us are approved by the EU. We produce our food in our own production in food quality. Are thereby obligated to the conditions of the regional council Karlsruhe. In addition, we use only fresh and natural ingredients from the region as well as raw materials from local animals, mainly from species-appropriate pasture farming – predominantly from the Odenwald region. Our ingredients come from healthy animals, which are fed exclusively with grass and herbs and thus already take important nutrients to themselves – unlike the usual feeding in factory farming with corn silage. Thus, by feeding the whole prey animal, your dog also absorbs all the nutrients it needs without any further intervention.

Our holistic personalized expert advice is designed to work with you to develop a concept that will help. Thus, individual wishes for vitality, performance and health of your dog can be realized. Contact us.

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