Dog in nrw disappeared after house fire now professionals are looking for him

We were in the veterinary clinic at Kaiserberg. Have had some diseases explained to us.

After a house fire on Tuesday evening in Viersen (NRW) will be a Dog misses.

His owners have been taken to the hospital with serious injuries. But since then there is no trace of her four-legged friend. A team of experts is now looking for the Dog from NRW.

dog in NRW: After house fire is missing from "Sabo" any trace – THESE professionals want to help

On Tuesday evening it had burned in the street Wolfskull in Viersen. The occupants of the house, a 64-year-old man and a 67-year-old woman, had to be taken to hospital with serious injuries. But what about her four-legged friend Sabo??

No one knows, because he has not appeared since that fateful evening. "No dog has been found in the walk-in part of the house," states press spokeswoman Heike Ahlen of the Viersen district police department.

In order to find Sabo as quickly as possible, a team of volunteers of the dog search help is now looking for the probably completely frightened animal.

Dog in NRW could be anywhere after fire – volunteers warn DAVOR

The team has received more detailed information from an acquaintance of the fire victims, who are currently still in the hospital. "We know that it is about 1.5 years old male dog named Sabo. It's a hunting dog mix," the volunteers say. More specifically, a Podenco mix.

First aid – what you can do!

– In case of an accident, secure the accident site and dial 911 or 110 – check vital functions of the injured – In case of emergency: Start resuscitation, stop bleeding, stable lateral position – Warm the person with a rescue blanket. Also pay attention to warmth from below – Psychological care: Talk to the affected person, stroke his or her head. Even unconscious people feel this care.

If you also want to help, then you should be careful though. Because Sabo could be very scared after the scare on Tuesday and flee as soon as you get too close to him.

Dog in NRW: SO you can help in the search for "Sabo

"Whoever sees Sabo should not try to catch him, but call us and transmit the location. Simply report the sighting and do no more", ask the volunteers. team takes hints under the telephone numbers 0170 6184895 and 01723479337.

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