Dog liability benefits what is insured

Dog liability benefitsThe dog liability benefits are very extensive and also apply abroad or. on vacation.

Dog liability benefits what is insured

The dog liability benefits differ in the dog insurance mainly in the premium and in the amount of insurance sum.

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Dog liability benefits: What is insured?

Just like all other liability insurance policies, the Dog liability benefits from the usual standard benefits, but also from numerous additional – and often also non-contributory – benefits, which are, however, in no case a general component of the dog liability. Depending on how extensive you want to have your dog liability insurance, you should make sure when signing the contract, whether your contract includes the desired benefits or ggfl. may not be offered by your insurance company in the first place.

Unjustified claims for damages are defended by the dog liability benefits of your dog insurance – if necessary in court.

As a dog owner, it is of central importance for you to pay attention to the respective sum insured for this type of "basic benefits", which for personal injuries is a sum of 5 Mio. Euro should not fall below!

The dog liability benefits also come into force if the insured dog is with another person, as the dog owner himself is on the road.

Dog liability benefits abroad (scope)

Dog liability benefits what is insured

The dog liability benefits abroad are usually worldwide – mostly for max. Year – valid. In Europe unlimited.

However, if you are z. B. If you have been transferred abroad due to your professional activity and need a valid dog liability insurance for a longer period of time Dog liability abroad, we have a solution for this as well:

In our dog liability comparison you have the possibility to compare up to 3 insurances in the performance comparison. Select the VHV insurance and the Inter Risk and see in the comparison under the point "stays abroad" that they offer in the dog liability insurance 5 years of insurance coverage abroad, respectively. even without restrictions (provided there is a German address and a German bank account) and the insured person must not live permanently abroad. Our recommendation in this case would be VHV Insurance. Online you have the possibility to apply for your dog liability right away and usually the insurance coverage comes into effect from the moment the application is received by the insurance company, if there are no reasons for rejection (false information, resp. been cancelled by the previous insurance).

Dog liability benefits liability, basis of liability

In order to understand when the benefits of the dog liability can be claimed at all and what the scope of a claim can have, one should understand the legal basis for the liability for damages of the dog liability insurance:

Dog owners are subject to the so-called. Strict liability. The definition of strict liability in dog liability is:

Liability without fault!

The exact wording of the animal liability insurance can be found in the Civil Code.

BGB § 833: If a human being is killed or the body or health of a human being is injured or an object is damaged by an animal, the person who keeps the animal is obliged to compensate the injured person for the resulting damage. The obligation to pay compensation does not apply if the damage is caused by a pet that is intended to serve the profession, occupation or livelihood of the pet owner and either the pet owner observes the care required in traffic when supervising the pet or the damage would have occurred even if this care had been exercised.

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