Dog liability comparison find the best dog insurance now

Dog liability comparison 2022 – Now the best dog insurance rate on STERN.They are known as faithful companions of man – and yet remain animals: As well trained as a dog is, it can get out of control and cause not inconsiderable damage. Particularly in the case of personal injury, the justified claims for damages can add up to amounts that exceed the financial possibilities of a dog owner and can ultimately destroy his financial livelihood. A small contract can help here: the dog liability insurance. To help you find your way through the variety of offers, we have compiled all the relevant points for you.

In contrast to cats and small animals, dogs are not insurable in the private liability, here a separate contract is necessary to cover the damages caused negligently and grossly negligent to third parties: the dog owner's liability. In some federal states, namely Berlin, Lower Saxony, Hamburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia and Schleswig-Holstein, dog liability is mandatory anyway. The legislature has not decided this measure without reason, the damage that a dog can cause, can not always be compensated out of pocket – and the injured parties have a legitimate claim for damages.

– There are around 7 million dogs in Germany. – Of these, 30 percent, or 2.1 million animals, are not insured. – Every year, 100.000 insured liability claims settled. – The amount of damage amounts to 80 million euros – per year.

For this reason alone, all dog owners should think about taking out such an insurance policy; moreover, the costs are quite reasonable depending on the provider. However, the pet owner's liability insurance covers the damages of third parties – and in a considerable amount: up to 15 million euros can be insured, a dog liability comparison provides information on this.

What exactly is dog liability insurance??

dog liability comparison find the best dog insurance now

Anyone who causes damage to others must pay for it – that's what the German Civil Code (BGB) stipulates. For the private sector, a private liability insurance is therefore recommended; as a dog owner, you should therefore take out a dog owner's liability insurance. This is because, like any other liability, it fulfills several tasks at once:

1. It first checks the legitimacy of any third-party claims for damages on the merits and in terms of amount. 2. If the claims are justified, it will settle the damage. 3. If they prove to be unfounded or if there are discrepancies, the dog liability insurance will deal with the claimant. If necessary, it also defends the claims in court. This means that dog liability also acts as passive legal protection in the event that you are confronted with unjustified claims.

As a dog owner, you don't even have to prove fault to justify a claim – that's what makes the contract so important. Property damage, personal injury and financial loss can be claimed as damages:

What is property damage?

This basically refers to damage to other people's property, such as the sofa at an acquaintance's house torn up or soiled by your dog, or the defective bicycle of a cyclist brought down by your dog. In extreme cases, however, cars can also be damaged if, for example, your dog gets loose and unexpectedly runs onto a road. Damages can always be claimed only at the current value: So, from the new price of the damaged object, a certain proportion is deducted due to age and wear and tear. Especially in this point there are always differences of opinion – but your dog liability will deal with it competently.

Special feature: damage to rented property damage to rented property is not covered in all tariffs for dog owner liability, you should pay attention to this in any case: Rental property damage includes all the damage caused by your dog to your rented, privately used premises. The insured premises can be your living quarters as well as a garage or rented adjoining rooms. Insurance coverage usually extends to damage to walls, the floors or ceiling, and doors. Either the repair will be covered or the replacement at the current value.

However, damages caused by wear and tear or excessive use, such as damage to the floor because your dog is not housebroken, are to be distinguished. Some judgments have confirmed this view, this was primarily damage to radiators, electrical appliances or glass surfaces, for example, caused by vigorous scratching.

Important: damage to rented property refers exclusively to the rented premises – damage to other rented property, however, is usually excluded. As a rule, the exclusion also applies to vacation homes, hotel rooms or rented cars.

What are personal injuries?

Personal injuries are understood as health impairments of other persons caused by your dog. The common example: Your dog bites another person, who may suffer not only a significant injury, but more importantly, an infection. Whether the dog bites out of aggression or fear is irrelevant. Likewise, however, indirect personal injuries are also considered insured. If your animal runs in front of a wheel, causing the driver to fall and injure himself, this damage is also insured.

In the event of damage, the pet owner's liability insurance covers on the one hand the treatment and therapy costs that the relevant health insurance company will claim from you as the dog owner. Beyond that the dog liability pays for all medicines, necessary aids, possible Reha measures as well as pain moneys and the costs of the lawyer of the damaged party.

What are property damages?

dog liability comparison find the best dog insurance now

Financial losses are monetary disadvantages that arise indirectly and do not always have to affect only the persons involved. There is a general distinction between real and unreal pecuniary losses, but in terms of dog owner liability only the unreal ones play a role: These are the pecuniary losses that are the consequences of property damage or personal injury. This includes, for example, loss of earnings resulting from personal injury, but also travel expenses if an injured party is unable to go on vacation due to damage caused by your dog. In extreme cases, the dog owner's liability itself must pay for lifelong pensions, should the health impairments prove to be permanent and limit the ability to work.

What is not covered by dog liability insurance?

As with any liability policy, limits apply to insurance coverage that are not always clear-cut and are often enough drawn in individual cases in court. For example, damages that are due to intent or dangerous circumstances are excluded. This could be the case if you are out and about with your dog without putting on a leash – even though the animal has already displayed markedly aggressive or conspicuous behavior. In addition, damage to leased, rented and borrowed property is not covered, nor are fines or penalties. Another reason for exclusion can be late reporting of a liability claim. There is a notification period of one week – you should adhere to this without fail.

What benefits should a liability insurance for dogs contain?

First of all, dog owner liability should provide suitable coverage amounts for personal injury, property damage and financial loss. Three million euros may seem sufficient for small dogs, but to be on the safe side you should choose a higher coverage. The thought alone that the pet owner liability must pay for lifelong pensions in extreme cases is a valid reason for this. Beyond that, however, special aspects play important roles:

– Unintentional mating If a potent male dog becomes independent and unintentionally mates with a bitch, this can prove to be a financially consequential adventure. The owner of the dog can then claim compensation from you. – Insurance cover for puppies If you keep a bitch, you should make sure that the dog liability insurance also covers the puppies – this way you are on the safe side. – Muzzle or leash requirement not agreed Another important point is the obligation to put a muzzle or leash on the dog – this should not be a condition for insurance coverage. – Participation in dog and sporting events Make sure that your dog is also insured in these cases. – Damage to rented property Not all tariffs cover the damage that your dog can cause to the rented premises – you should also pay attention to this point. – Protection abroad If you take your dog with you when you travel, the insurance cover should also apply abroad. In this way you avoid problems that may arise due to the different legal situation and possible language difficulties. – Herding by third parties A good dog insurance policy also covers damage caused by third parties during herding. Third parties are all persons who are not the owner of the animal, but who are authorized to herd it. This includes your life partner as well as acquaintances or neighbors.

Why you should use a dog liability comparison?

A well-founded dog insurance comparison is much more than just a dog liability price comparison: You can see at a glance which coverage amounts are offered at which conditions and whether any deductibles are provided. You will quickly realize that both the prices and the benefits sometimes differ significantly. The topic of rental property damage alone is regulated very differently, some providers do not cover such damage at all, others agree on a certain limit. With the dog liability comparison, you facilitate the otherwise considerable research, if you wanted to analyze all insurance conditions in detail.

How is the premium of a liability insurance for a dog calculated??

Already on the list of results you can see that the insurance companies calculate differently: Important aspects are the selected coverage amounts, but also the breed of the respective dog and the dog's age. Here, statistical empirical values play a major role, which also prove, for example, that older dog owners cause less damage – and accordingly have to pay less for a dog owner's liability insurance. In turn, fighting dogs have proven to be significantly more risky, so that only a few insurers offer dog liability at all, and it turns out to be more expensive compared to other dog breeds.

This makes it all the more important that the dog insurance comparison can be tailored to your specific requirements. Therefore, enter the following information:

– Number of dogs to be insured – number of fighting dogs – desired coverage amounts – desired deductibles

If you change the specifications, you can easily understand how, for example, with higher coverage amounts or the inclusion of a fighting dog, the dog insurance costs also increase – always according to the risk that the insurer is to ame for you.

What is meant by a deductible?

You can actively influence the cost of dog liability, such as with a deductible of 150 to 500 euros can be. The bottom line is that you would have to pay the agreed amount of each settled claim yourself. So it's a very simple calculation: compare the premiums for dog insurance without a deductible to those with a deductible and weigh the risk that damage could occur. If this risk is low, but the premium savings through a deductible are high, then such a tariff may be worthwhile. As a rule, however, the rates without deductibles are advantageous.

How long is the contract period?

As a rule, the minimum term of a dog owner liability is one year. You can cancel this contract with a three-month notice period at the end of the contract. If you miss the deadline, it will be extended for another year. Alternatively, the insurers also offer longer terms and grant discounts for it. You can consider these offers, if the conditions are interesting.

Important: Even if you are contractually bound for ten years, you have the right to terminate the contract after three years – this is provided for by law. You can also have the policy cancelled if the dog dies prematurely.

How to cancel the dog liability policy?

First, of course, you should pay attention to the minimum term: Either this is one year, but for multi-year contracts three years. Observe the notice period and send the written notice of cancellation to the insurer in good time, stating all relevant data. If you miss the deadline, the decisive date is always the date of receipt, the contract for dog owner liability is extended for another year – regardless of the originally agreed term.

In addition, extraordinary termination options arise after an insured loss, but you should then already be able to fall back on a new insurance contract.

Dog owner liability: Typical damage examples

– A dog bites a passing cyclist. – A child is injured by a dog while playing. – Your dog breaks loose and runs onto the road, causing a rear-end collision. – The shoes of your guest are so interesting for your dog that he bites them.

In these cases, the dog owner liability covers all costs incurred – from expenses for treatment, medication and loss of earnings to property damage, which is settled at the current value. It becomes more difficult if your dog bites a conspecific, because here the dog liability only covers a certain part of the treatment costs. The decisive factor is the replacement value of the dog – this sounds bad, but it is due to the fact that dogs are considered as property in German law. But this also limits your liability towards the other pet owner to the "property value" – of course you can always settle privately.

Our conclusion: Use the dog owner liability comparison wisely

The dog liability is a relatively inexpensive contract, which unfolds its great effect in the event of damage: If your dog causes damage, you as the owner are responsible for it. This can involve property damage, where the damaged items are replaced at their current value according to their age and wear and tear. In the case of personal injury, on the other hand, injured parties are entitled to all costs associated with their treatment, as well as compensation for pain and suffering, the costs of the lawyer and any loss of income – and these can add up.

Such a contract is therefore worthwhile in any case, but you should still use the dog liability comparison to conclude the dog liability insurance favorably according to price and performance. The differences are sometimes enormous, as you will quickly discover. With a few entries you can sort all relevant offers, so you quickly get a good overview. Of course, you can conclude a contract that fits your ideas right from the comparison – just be on the safe side.

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