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dog liability insurance dog insurance comparison capitalo

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Even the most good-natured dog can cause direct or indirect damage to a third party in an unobserved minute. Since the Civil Code provides for the full liability of the dog owner involved in this case, amounts can quickly arise that the dog owner cannot easily raise. In order to prevent a financial emergency, the legislator provides for every dog owner a dog liability insurance, which takes over the financial benefits in the event of a claim.

Good to know CAPITALO offers over 150 different dog liability insurance rates free of charge and without obligation all of which can be taken out directly online. We would be happy to check which of these best suit you. And if you would like to get an overview first, you will find the most important information about private liability insurance listed here.

Dog insurance comparison

When is a dog insurance sensible?

Many think about a dog insurance only when it is too late. Even though dogs are man's most loyal companions, a dog can also cause problems in addition to much joy.

Not only that dogs can bite, also other, indirect damages can be caused by the own dog. Many dog owners do not consider, when they acquire a dog, that they, as the owner, must pay for the damage caused by the dog. And if it comes to injuries of strangers, then the damage amount can be very fast very high. The solution for the "risk dog" is actually a dog liability insurance. You will find the most important information about this insurance in this article. You can of course also make a comparison to private liability insurances here at CAPITALO.

Dog insurance – that's why it's important

How important a dog liability insurance is, shows a short look at the statistics. Of the nearly 83 million people living in Germany, according to the statistics service Statista, ca. 20% a barking four-legged friend in your household. In total approx. 9.200.000 dogs in Germany, that is 0.11 dogs per capita.

Not only the number of dogs living in Germany but also the possible cases of damage caused by dogs are impressive. Especially big and aggressive dogs mean a certain risk potential. Under no circumstances should it be amed that a dog liability insurance completely relieves the dog owners of their responsibility. This is not the case. Rather, you must expect that in case of violation of the duty of care in dog ownership insurance just does not ame liability.

Damage caused by dogs is mainly due to bite injuries. But even dogs running free in road traffic can lead to damage claims. In the case of an insurance claim it has to be checked whether the owner or the dog handler has fulfilled his duty of care. Another possible case of damage is a little piquant: The unintentional mating act. If a bitch in heat is mated by a male dog, this can be seen as damage. After all, large dogs can cause considerable damage to doors, wooden floors and carpets in other people's homes, which raises the question of whether dog liability insurance will pay for it.

The dog liability insurance simply explained

In this video, we explain what dog liability insurance provides and what special features you should consider as a consumer. Liability insurance for dog owners is an indispensable insurance for every dog owner. In many federal states therefore also a compulsory insurance. The Civil Code provides the following basis for liability: If an animal kills a person or injures the body or health of a person or damages an object, the person who keeps the animal is obliged to compensate the injured person for the resulting damage. Therefore, the dog owner has unlimited liability for damages caused by his dog, even if no intentional or negligent act is involved. Many dog owners underestimate the liability risk in the amption that a well-behaved dog does not cause any damage. However, the majority of damages are not caused by dog aggression. In fact, there are numerous damages caused by biting with third dogs, whereby it does not matter for the obligation to compensate whether the own dog has merely bitten back. However, major damage caused because a dog causes accidents while playing or in a startle reaction is particularly problematic (z.B. runs into the street and causes a traffic accident). Not every dog liability offer includes rental property damages. But in this area there are often cases of damage, caused for example by scratch marks on the front door or in the floor covering. Therefore, pay attention to the insured inclusions of the respective tariffs when taking out the policy.

In Germany, dog insurance can be taken out in different ways. With some private liability insurances dogs can be included comfortably. In this case, you only need one policy and one insurer, which is certainly more convenient than having a separate dog liability policy. Similarly, if you can include dog ownership in the household insurance for apartment or house. In this case, however, it must be carefully checked whether damage caused by the dog outside the own home is also included. And finally, of course, you can take out dog liability insurance as a separate insurance policy. We advise you to take out a separate insurance policy, as this usually provides more comprehensive protection. When taking out the insurance, you should check exactly which damages are included and which are not. Since the insurances clearly differ in this question, an insurance comparison is definitely worthwhile. This also applies to the amount of damage, which should be set at a minimum of 1 million euros. € should lie. It is also important that cases of damage are covered by the insurance, where not the owner but another person have walked and cared for the dog. If you need more information about the correct classification of your dog or about exclusions and inclusions, or if you are unsure about your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to advise you – if necessary. beyond an interactive online consultation – if this is necessary.

Since a dog can be unpredictable, no insurance policy will provide you with 100% coverage for all damages. Rather, the insurance coverage requires that the owners fulfill their duty of care. This is especially important if, in addition to the insurance conditions, there are also legal obligations for dog ownership. If, for example, leashing is compulsory, you cannot ame insurance coverage if you ignore the leashing requirement. Pay attention altogether with the insurance comparison to it whether and how in the insurance leash compulsory is regulated or prescribed. For large or aggressive dogs, a muzzle could additionally be required. You should also inform yourself about this exactly before you take out the dog insurance. If you omit a mandatory muzzle and it comes to a dog bite, the insurance coverage is also excluded.

Fortunately, the premium for a dog insurance is favorable. The contribution for the liability insurance varies around the 40 euros per year. Nevertheless, it is reasonable to make a price comparison for dog liability insurance. As a rule, it does not matter what breed you want to insure or how big or old the dog is. However, each dog is calculated individually, so that with a larger number of dogs also more insurance premium is due. Breeders should note in this regard that the insurance coverage for breeding bitches also includes puppies up to a certain age. If you want a dog liability insurance without deductible, you have to expect higher insurance premiums. Even if dog liability insurance is not compulsory in your state, you should insure yourself against damage that your dog or dogs may cause. Experience shows that dogs are a greater risk than is commonly amed.

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