Dog vomits blood foam and mucus causes and symptoms

It's not always harmless when dogs vomit. Especially not if the dog spits blood. Here it depends on a quick reaction of mistress or master. Accompanying symptoms as well as the possible cause of vomiting dog owners will learn below.

The most important in a nutshell

– Vomiting blood (fresh or digested) is called hematemesis – If a dog vomits blood, there are often several possible causes – It is important to recognize accompanying symptoms – The veterinarian should always be consulted as soon as possible

Dog vomits blood: The initial situation is important

Sometimes it can happen that the four-legged friends have to throw up. At times, they have simply eaten too much green grass while out walking. Relatively often the whole thing looks very dramatic. As dog owners we automatically suffer with our pets. However, there are not only harmless causes. If the dog vomits bloody mucus, this may indicate a serious disease. The same applies if the dog vomits blood and has blood in the stool. In such situations, dog owners should remain calm. Treat the animal as soon as possible.

Dog vomits blood: common forms and accompanying symptoms

The most common forms and accompanying symptoms look like this:

– The dog vomits blood and there is also blood in the urine – The dog vomits blood and pieces – The dog vomits bloody foam – The dog vomits blood and has bloody diarrhea – The dog vomits blood and undigested food




trembles and pants

has severe abdominal pain

bleeding in the mouth

seems too calm, sometimes apathetic

Dog vomits blood: Causes

Unfortunately, there are many different reasons why the fur wet vomits. In particular, if it spits out blood in any form, different causes may be to blame. The most harmless is a gum inflammation in the oral cavity. As a rule, however, only a few drops of light-colored blood are then visible in the vomit. Dog owners can find other possibilities in the following list:

Dog vomits blood after bonesEither the bone was simply too big or a splinter caused an internal injury. Dog vomits blood and mucusThe animal may be suffering from a disease or inflammation of the internal organs. If there is bloody vomiting with white foam, then he has swallowed a foreign body. Dog vomits blood and has diarrheaThis can be an indication of a splenic tumor. In most cases, these two symptoms go together in tumors. At the same time, the dog has a reduced appetite in such situations. Dog vomits bright blood: Possible here are tumors on the oral mucosa as well as hematemesis.
Dog vomits dark blood: Causes are for example a stomach ulcer or a stomach hemorrhage. Dog vomits blood, foam and food: An injured esophagus, viral diseases or parasites can trigger the vomiting.

The most common is vomiting blood due to poisoning. Whether it's rat poison, antifreeze or pesticides, a quick response saves animals' lives in these situations. It does not matter if the dog vomits several times in a row or only spits blood once, the recommendation for action remains the same. You should keep calm. See your veterinarian immediately.

dog vomits blood foam and mucus causes and symptoms

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