Dogs and cats insure the mobiliar

An illness or accident can also affect your dog or cat. Medical treatment should not fail because of money. That's why pet insurance is so important – even at a young age.

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Cat Lila eats from one day to the next nothing more. The diagnosis: intestinal distemper. The veterinarian operates Lila immediately. A few days later she can go home again. Good, her owner insured Lila in time.

Insure your pet in time

Pet insurance covers the costs of examination and treatment of dogs and cats in case of illness or accident. Important: Check a pet insurance as soon as you get your four-legged friend. With Mobiliar, you can insure dogs from three months to four years of age. Insure cats from the third month until they are six years old. The pet insurance is then valid for life.

Which treatment costs are covered by my insurance?

We cover the outpatient or inpatient treatment costs of injured or ill dogs and cats by a certified veterinarian . This includes, for example, surgical procedures, radiological and radiotherapeutic treatments, laboratory and X-ray diagnostics and medicines. In addition, the following further costs are insured: The cost of necessary euthanasia and carcass destruction.

You determine the sum insured of 2000, 3000, 4000 or 5000 Swiss francs.

The following options are available:

– Basic coverage: 80% of the treatment costs and other costs, maximum up to the agreed insured sum. – Basic and additional coverage: 100% of treatment costs and other costs, up to a maximum of the agreed insured amount. In addition, treatment costs within the framework of alternative and complementary medicine are insured up to CHF 400 per event, up to a maximum of 3 events per year. This includes treatments for homeopathy, acupuncture, physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic.

In the event of illness, a waiting period of 30 days from the start of the insurance applies.

How much is the deductible of the pet insurance?

Like the sum insured, you can also freely choose your deductible per accident or illness of your pet of 200 or 500 francs

Does the dog or cat insurance pay for an animal ambulance?

We pay within the selected sum insured not only the treatment costs, but also the costs of stay in a veterinary hospital and emergency transport costs up to CHF 100 per event.

Does the pet insurance also cover treatments while traveling and on vacation?

Mobiliar's cat and dog insurance is valid at home and worldwide for up to 24 months during temporary stays and trips. If you travel frequently, we also recommend cancellation cost insurance. It covers your own travel expenses if you have to stay home because of a sick animal.

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