Drinking water drinking a lot during fitness sport is healthy fitkult

Drinking water: Drink plenty during fitness& Sport is healthyWhenever you exercise, your body loses more fluid than when you are at rest, so drinking enough to compensate is essential.

The cheapest and easiest fluid to take is water. Other beverages such as herbal tea and fruit juices replace fluid loss just as well, but like tea, they require more effort to prepare or, like juice, involve a significant caloric intake. Isotonic drinks are significantly more expensive than water. Thus not recommended for cost reasons.

Alcoholic beverages are not suitable for fluid balance, and sports scientists' assessments of coffee and caffeinated tea are not uniform.

drink water drink a lot in fitness sport is healthy fitkult

Why is fluid intake important during training?

All the functions that take place in the body are linked to the presence of a sufficient amount of water in the body. A slight lack of water does not pose a serious threat to the health of the athlete, but it immediately leads to a reduction in performance and faster exhaustion. With sweat, you lose minerals and salts as well as fluids during exercise. All mineral water, like tap water, contains basic minerals including sodium in varying compositions. Most people want to lose weight in the long term through exercise. Drinking a sufficient amount of water also helps you lose weight.

What is the ideal amount to drink?

Athletes should not drink less than three liters of water on training days. This refers to the amount of water drunk, not the total fluid intake. This is greater due to the water contained in the daily diet. In fact, healthy people cannot drink too much water, because their body quickly excretes the excess amount of water again. Drinking in stock is only possible to a limited extent due to the increased excretion with a larger amount of water. The required amount of three liters of water per day increases if you do intensive outdoor sports on warm days.

Compared to non-athletes, the fluid requirement is significantly higher, amounting to two liters for this group, of which one and a half must be consumed by drinking.

Should be drunk before or after sports?

Drinking before exercise ensures that you have enough fluid in your body and that you are able to perform fully. Since you lose large amounts of fluid during exercise, you must not forget to drink water after the end of the exercise sessions either. Drinking during sports is also of particular importance. It is good to always carry a water bottle with you and to drink it during sports activities. In this way you will prevent your strength from dropping and your athletic performance from deteriorating during training.

Is mineral water better than drinking water? Drinking water in Germany is of high quality. Can be drunk without hesitation. Compared to mineral water it is much cheaper. Comes comfortably from the tap. Thus, an empty drinking bottle can be used at any time. Fill up at any place connected to the water mains. The mineral content of the water bottle is indicated so that you can choose the best water for you as an athlete.

With drinking water you are dependent on the component of minerals supplied by the waterworks, you can inquire there or see on the appropriate homepage. To avoid muscle soreness and calf cramps, a high content of calcium and magnesium is helpful. If your drinking water has one, it is ideal for hydration during exercise. In other cases, opt for a mineral water with a high content of the two minerals. Water drunk during and after training should not contain carbonic acid, as this can easily irritate the stomach after exertion. You should not reach for low-sodium mineral water immediately after training, so that you balance your salt balance.

When using drinking water with low sodium content, a simple trick is to add a pinch of salt to the water. In addition to water, malt beverage is often cited as a performance-enhancing drink. This is basically correct, because the body can quickly absorb the ingredient carbohydrates and convert it into energy. For this reason and because of the carbonic acid present, malt beer is particularly suitable as a drink before the start of training.

Isotonic drinks reliably return the minerals lost through sweat to the body, but are too expensive for consumption in large quantities, especially since water also contains minerals. Besides mineral water, table water with flavor additives is also available in stores. These are rarely natural substances, but mainly flavors. For the amount of liquid it is irrelevant what the ingested water tastes like. If you are more likely to drink the necessary amount of liquid thanks to the flavors than without them, there is nothing to be said against using flavored table water. An alternative to this is a squeeze of lemon or a shot of apple juice in mineral water or tap water.

Drinks suitable for sports and fitness

– Apple juice spritzer – Mineral water – Still water – Tea – Isotonic drinks – Vegetable juices

Can be determined whether the amount of fluid is sufficient?

Thirst is not a sufficient indicator of fluid requirements, as this only occurs when there is an extreme lack of body fluid. However, especially athletes need to drink much earlier to ensure their performance. In addition, thirst is not perceived as an alarm signal by many people. You should therefore drink before you feel thirsty.

One way to control the amount of water you drink is to weigh yourself. If there is a great loss of fluid directly after the training, you have lost mainly water and you have not compensated for this loss. However, the safest way to control your fluid intake is to keep a hydration diary in which you record each fluid intake.

You have drunk enough on training days when you have reached at least three liters. On a non-training day, two liters are sufficient.


Drinking enough before and after exercise, as well as during exercise, prevents the drop in performance and restores to the body the much needed minerals. The most suitable and always available drink is water, which can be taken either as drinking water from the tap or as mineral water.

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