Due to increased cost of living, one-third of uk cancer patients can afford to heat 3

According to a British study, many cancer patients can no longer afford heating bills. For many people affected by cancer, a cancer diagnosis means not only health-related. Mental worries also financial problems. Most people are unable to work as much during their illness as they were able to previously. Rising living costs are exacerbating the problem to such an extent that some patients even have to put their health at risk, a study from Great Britain shows.

29.04.2022, 14:17

London. The increased cost of living is hitting cancer sufferers in the UK so hard that many are having to restrict their diets or turn off the heating. That's according to a survey of 2,000 sufferers by the charity Macmillan Cancer Support, reported in The Guardian newspaper. According to the survey, 24 percent of respondents said they could not afford to live at present.

24 percent of cancer patients said they had bought less food or prepared fewer hot meals in recent months to save on costs. Even about one-third (32%) of respondents had switched to wearing coats indoors to turn on the heat less often in light of rising energy costs. 16 percent of people with the disease rarely do their laundry, according to the survey.

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The figures are particularly worrying because the drastic cost-cutting measures put cancer patients' recovery at risk, Macmillan Cancer Support points out. For those recovering from chemotherapy or radiotherapy, warmth, nutrition and hygiene are particularly important.

The charity has been highlighting the financial problems that often accompany cancer for some time now. The disease often results in extra costs, because not all treatment costs are covered by health insurance. In addition, many sufferers lose income because they can no longer work, or can no longer work to the same extent as before they became ill. Macmillan says demand for financial advice is very high at the moment. The inquiries about energy bills that reached the organization increased by 87 percent compared to the previous year, it said.

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