Ear hole bleeds these tips and home remedies help

Your ear hole is bleeding. Is perhaps even inflamed? These tips and home remedies are guaranteed to help.

ear hole bleeds these tips and home remedies help

You have had your ear pierced and it is now bleeding and causing pain? Or the piercing happened a while ago, but your ear hole still got infected somehow? We explain the causes of a bleeding, inflamed ear hole and give you helpful tips and home remedies to help your ear get better quickly.

Ear hole bleeds: What are the causes?

If your ear hole bleeds, it can have various causes. Mostly the ear hole
by an infection with bacteria inflames. However, the following causes can also be behind it:

– You don't take proper care of your ear hole (especially important after piercing it!) – You have a material intolerance or allergy – You have injured your ear hole – You are wearing the wrong earrings (for example, too heavy)

It is important that you find out what is causing your ear hole to bleed, and then eliminate the cause. As just said, bleeding is usually caused by inflammation. In the following we explain to you therefore, at which you recognize an inflamed ear hole still.

How to recognize an infected ear hole?

An ear hole that is inflamed is easy to recognize. The following symptoms indicate this:

– Your ear hole is bleeding – Your ear is red – Your earlobe is causing pain – Often the puncture site is festering – Your ear is swollen

What can I do if my ear piercing is inflamed and bleeding??

An inflamed, bleeding ear hole is easy to treat. Clean your ears with clear water when showering daily. A strong stream of water is sufficient. Do not use any kind of cleaning, soap or other means. Also contact with shampoo, hairspray and co. you should avoid. It is important that you get an ear piercing antiseptic from the pharmacy. Best in spray form! Spray the spray on your earlobes two to three times a day for the next few weeks.

But now the most important thing: avoid any contact with your fingers. Touching it is forbidden from now on! Treat the ear hole like a normal wound. Do not turn the earring in any case! This allows bacteria to get into the ear hole, which leads to a renewed inflammation. The ear piercing can not grow firmly.

If you follow this care strictly in the next few days, you will notice that the inflammation subsides and the bleeding of the ear hole diminishes or even stops completely. If this is not the case, you should definitely consult your doctor.

Bleeding ear hole: how to prevent a new inflammation?

Your ear hole has calmed down again, it is no longer bleeding and the inflammation has subsided? Very good! To keep it that way, you should pay attention to the following points from now on:

– Have your ears pierced in the future exclusively in a professional studio. Make sure the studio is hygienic and uses hypoallergenic jewelry. Leave the health plug in your ear for at least 6 weeks. Pay attention to a meticulous care (see above). – Touch your ears as little as possible – Plug or. Earrings made from hypoallergenic materials are the best. Alternatively, you can try gold or silver. Avoid costume jewelry (often contains nickel and can cause allergies) – Avoid very heavy earrings or plugs – Disinfect your earrings and plugs regularly between wearing them

Ear hole bleeds: These home remedies help

You want to treat your bleeding ear hole with home remedies? The following things can help. However, it is important that you always use home remedies with extra caution and discontinue use if intolerances occur.

Zinc ointment: Apply some of the ointment to the ear hole with a cotton swab ChamomileDab the ear hole with a tincture or decoction of chamomile Tea tree oilApply a few drops of tea tree oil with some absorbent cotton to the pierced ear

We hope your ear piercing, whether freshly pierced or older, will recover quickly. Please don't forget to see a doctor or. to go to a doctor if it does not get better.

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