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WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS OF AN EAR PLUG?Feeling of prere, ringing in the ears, hearing loss and dizziness can be symptoms of an earwax plug*. Earplugs are caused by a buildup of earwax at the end of the ear canal, and the causes of this can be various. There are several aqueous solutions to remove ear plugs: ask your pharmacist or ENT specialist for advice. Regular cleaning of the ears is the best way to avoid ear plugs.

I have an earache, the feeling of a clogged ear, hearing loss… What is happening to me? What is an earwax plug? What are the symptoms? How to remove earwax plugs? Here are the answers to all your questions, listen carefully!

Ear plugs: these are the symptoms to look out for!

An ear problem can manifest itself through a variety of uncomfortable sensations:

– Hearing loss, – Feeling of a clogged and prerized ear, – Irritation, itching or pain in the ear canal, – Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) or dizziness*.

These complaints can be symptoms of various ear diseases, including earwax plugs.

What is an ear plug?

An earwax plug , commonly referred to as an ear plug or ceruminal plug, is the result of an abnormal accumulation of earwax in the ear canal. Gradually, a compact mass forms that clogs the ear.

Although there are predispositions to the formation of earwax plugs, this condition can occur in anyone. An excessive amount of earwax can have several causes:

– Tendency to produce a larger amount of earwax than normal, – Problems removing earwax naturally due to a narrow ear canal or hair in the ear canal, – Use of cotton swabs that push earwax to the end of the ear canal, – Use of hearing aids.

Earplugs: Why is it painful??

The ear plug, located at the end of the ear canal, can put prere on the eardrum, which is an extremely sensitive membrane. This prere can also be felt through the inner ear, which is necessary for balance, causing vertigo.

The earwax plug is the main cause of hearing loss*: Sound waves have more trouble reaching the eardrum when the ear canal is clogged. As a result, the hearing decreases. Transmission of sounds to the inner ear is disrupted: for the same logical reasons, an earwax plug can cause ringing in the ears, a whistling sound, or tinnitus.

What can be done to get rid of an ear plug?

Among the various methods to treat an ear plug, a suitable aqueous solution can be recommended; this is a gentle treatment. Do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist or otolaryngologist for advice on how to choose the best product for earwax plugs.

How to avoid ear plugs?

To avoid the formation of a plug of earwax , regular ear hygiene is important. If there is no special situation, it is recommended to clean the ears twice a week with a suitable aqueous solution.

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