Eat better live healthy 8 health goals and how to achieve them

A healthy alternative is the plant-based, i.e vegan, diet. It prevents many of the so-called diseases of affluence and is good for the environment. How to cope with the change, what to look for in a vegan diet and many delicious recipes can be found here here.

Eat better live healthy 8 health goals and how to achieve them

3. Move more

Movement is good. It invigorates and strengthens not only the body, but also the psyche. We feel fitter, vital and more balanced, If we get enough exercise in our lives. How about biking to work, making a weekly date to the pool or yoga, or trying something completely new for once? You will find suggestions and courses here.

eat better live healthy 8 health goals and how to achieve them

4. Relax regularly

In order to live in the balance to keep is Relax Duty. The more we are confronted with, the more important are the opposite poles: rest, relaxation, joy, pleasure, culture, sports and exercise – everything that helps us to clear our heads. Taking time for yourself to eat regularly and consistently. Keep at least one day or a few hours a day free in your schedule for yourself each week.

Eat better live healthy 8 health goals and how to achieve them

5. Sufficient sleep

Never be tired again during the day: make a resolution, your personal optimum of sleep to find and keep. For this, you should press the switch-off button of computer or television early, let the evening go quietly, have a sensible sleep rhythm and to observe the further rules of Sleep hygiene Note that will help you avoid sleep disturbances: So do not use a laptop, smartphone or other distractions in bed and just before bedtime, go to bed at the same time every day, do not eat or drink alcohol three hours before bedtime, and do not smoke after 7:00 p.m. You should not drink coffee four to eight hours before going to bed. Limit the afternoon nap to 30 minutes.

Eat better live healthy 8 health goals and how to achieve them

6. Less time at the computer or in front of the television

You spend a lot of time online or in front of the TV that could be better used elsewhere, such as exercising or spending more time with family or friends? Call it a day! Make a resolution, offers with Consider to choose and follow specific times, e.g.B. maximum one hour per day.

Eat better Live healthy 8 health goals and how to achieve them

7. Make use of preventive medical checkups

The earlier diseases are detected, the better the chances of cure. Prevention is important. So do not be careless with your Screening exams. Find out what checkups are available for your age and make appointments right away. Request information material

Eat better live healthy 8 health goals and how to achieve them

8. Health can only thrive in an intact environment

Our environment has a great influence on our health. Air pollution, noise, ozone pollution and pesticides do lasting damage to us. That's why it's important to create the healthiest environment possible for yourself. In the long term, of course, this can only be done by taking responsibility for the environment and protecting it. To this end, each individual can take many measures, such as more often walk, seasonal organic products consume and Partner look for environmentally aware act.

eat better live healthy 8 health goals and how to achieve them

How to stick to your goals

1. Be realistic

Many resolutions fail because they are set too high. If you want to radically change your life, you often end up in a dead end and give up in frustration because it just doesn't work out. Therefore step one: Stay realistic! Focus on 1 to 3 resolutions that are feasible.

2. Be specific

If you have set yourself a realistic goal, step number two is next: planning. "Do more sports" is too vague. When, where, with whom, how long – develop concrete steps.

3. Set yourself intermediate goals

To stay on the ball, it helps to set milestones for yourself. Lose 10 kilos? Start with one kilo this month and you will reach your goal by the end of the year. Celebrate your successes and don't be discouraged by setbacks.

4. Seek support

Tackle your goals with like-minded people. Go jogging together, support each other or just exchange ideas. Together it often works better.

5. Remain flexible

Even if everything doesn't go according to plan: Don't give up. Instead, consider how you can adjust your schedule to reach the next stage goal.

6. Reward yourself

Don't forget to reward yourself in between for all the things you've already done. What would do you good now? What could you do to make yourself happy??

7. Have fun

Even if the start is often a bit bumpy: Have a lot of fun while implementing your health resolutions! Rejoice in the fact that you are well on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

These tips will make it easy for you to switch to a healthy lifestyle. You can find more information on the pages of the BKK ProVita.

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