Eating healthy and delicious at work

Healthy eating is possible despite different workplace conditions. A healthy diet promotes job satisfaction as well as job performance. Nutrients and fiber ensure a long feeling of satiety and prevent annoying hunger pangs.

Healthy food at work for vitality and performance

To assess whether and how you can eat healthy at work, several factors play an important role. This includes the length of your working hours, length of breaks and opportunities to eat. Also, the level of workload affects your energy needs. Do you have the time and preparation facilities to eat food you bring home?? Then use this chance. Having a refrigerator and a microwave changes your choices tremendously. You can eat a nutrient- and fiber-rich diet according to your tastes and preferences, taking into account calorie and fat content. Lack of time for this. Opportunity? In this case you have to plan and act in a limited way. It is also important to consider whether you are offered a regular lunch in a company canteen. In company or government canteens, the ie of a healthy diet should be a special priority. At least one daily offer of a healthy, nutrient-rich meal speaks for the credibility of a company health management system. Time prere due to too short breaks often leads working people to resort to smoothies as a supplement to their midday meal or as a snack between meals.

You should not succumb to the convenient access to liquid food with vitamins available everywhere. A smoothie could also turn out to be a high-sugar mistake. By choosing carefully when you shop, you can prevent this problem from happening. However, there are still deficits compared to fresh fruit as an alternative. Fruit contains plenty of fiber. Keeps your blood sugar levels stable over a longer period of time. Crushing by chewing and filling the stomach cause satiety signals, which are transmitted to the brain through receptors. After eating fruit, the necessary feeling of satiety lasts much longer than with smoothies. This way you can avoid a premature drop in your blood glucose level resulting in cravings. Your performance will otherwise suffer from a premature loss of energy. You should always have access to delicious, vitamin-rich fruit at your place of work. By the way, the thought of a bar of chocolate does not even arise due to fruit sweeteners. Never miss a thing. Secure gift!Subscribe to our free newsletter – We will send you exciting articles every two weeks and inform you about current topics.

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A special diet for shift work

Shift work goes against the inner clock, the biorhythm. This applies in particular to changing working hours that include night work. Adequate dietary planning for everyday life at work also requires a constant change of location. If you are affected by this, you can respond by eating a diet tailored to the situation. To be able to eat healthy, specific preparations and behaviors are required.

Your stomach is used to regularity. If you have irregular working hours, you should eat your meals at the same time each day if possible. Thus you keep necessary distances between your meals. Roast pork and the like should only appear on your menu in your free time. By eating light food during irregular working hours you prevent digestive problems and premature fatigue. Fruit stays fresh longer in a well-sealed plastic container. If a refrigerator is available, yogurts should be constantly available in it. You can prevent an alarming drop in blood sugar levels at dawn by having a small snack between meals.

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