Enemies and diseases of goldfish fish 2022

Video: Enemies And Diseases Of GoldfishIn an aquarium goldfish have practically no enemies, except the owner himself. Only by his accident various kinds of destroyers can get into the aquarium. The first one that can do a lot of damage is the cyclops. It should not be given in large quantities, otherwise not eaten, it attacks the fry. Another dangerous enemy is the dragonfly larvae. It can exterminate up to 2000 roasts in a week. A hydra caught in the spawning area can also cause significant damage.

For adults, leeches, diving beetles and a house cat, which she throws very skillfully with one paw from an open aquarium, are dangerous.

enemies and diseases of goldfish fish 2022

Goldfish, photo photography

When goldfish are kept outdoors, problems await them from all sides, Starting with large fish, frogs that don't eat fish but reproduce the darkness of tadpoles that eat fish when breeding, as well as newts, snakes and ubiquitous bugs – floaters and smoothies.

You should constantly protect goldfish from stray dogs, stray cats and water rats. And only the scourge of large reservoirs with crows, jackdaws, magpies, gulls, dives, ducks, geese and other water birds.

Breeding goldfish

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The health of goldfish is affected by determined their mobility, brightness, scales and appetite. There is another "indicator, Based on which you can immediately determine the condition of the fish: If the fish keeps the dorsal fin upright, everything is fine.

enemies and diseases of goldfish fish 2022

Saprophytic microorganisms – epistilis on koi, photo of the photograph of fish diseases

Defeat of Koi Epistilis

As soon as you notice any of the signs of the disease, immediately put everything aside and carefully observe the sick fish. Examine it thoroughly, try to identify the disease correctly, and only then start treatment.

There are not so many diseases that are much talked and written about in goldfish. However, if problems occur, the fish should be transferred to a spacious isolator (from 50 liters) and treated. Do not let my advice seem inflammatory to the reader, but if the method described below does not help, do not torture the fish, because all other methods of treatment, if not immediately, will soon send him to the next world. Of course, there are new drugs with which it is possible to save a sick fish, but as a manufacturer it will be lost forever.

All vaunted antibiotics and other chemically active drugs contribute to goldfish sterility

enemies and diseases of goldfish fish 2022

Argulez, carp louse, carp eater, photo photography of the fish disease

Argulez, carp louse, carp eater

If you find in the fish raids semolina in the form of semolina, formations that look like lumps of absorbent cotton, fins sticking together, or if you notice that the fish swims in jerks, rubs against objects, breathing is disturbed, fins turn red, isolate it immediately.

A sick fish will be in salt water (3-5 g of table salt per 1 liter of water) treated at low temperature (not higher than 18 ° C).

The treatment is carried out for three days in a spacious aquarium, changing the solution daily. The water must be clean and not taken from the aquarium, but from the power supply. If the disease does not respond well to treatment, the sick fish is additionally bathed in a pink solution (1 g per 100 l of water) of potassium permanganate for 10-15 minutes 1-2 times a day. Injured fish, which are frequently injured during transport, transfer and cleaning of the aquarium, are treated in a similar way.

Origin of the goldfish

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During treatment, the water is abundantly aerated. Sick fish are not fed during this period, only very weakened, and the fry are fed once a day with small live bloodworms.

Completely drain the water from the aquarium where the disease occurred, wash the bottom with hot water, wipe the walls of the aquarium with salt and wash repeatedly with running water.

enemies and diseases of goldfish fish 2022

Koi carp Lerneosis, photo of the fish disease fish photography

Turbidity of goldfish scales. The causative agent of cyclochetes disease is a small ciliary ciliate.

Symptoms of the disease. The affected areas on the fish's body appear rough and dull when the fish is illuminated with a beam of light directed from below. The disease is dangerous because it brings with it other, more complex diseases.

Scabies. The disease breaks out from bacteria that multiply abundantly from artificial foods that are not consumed.

Symptoms of the disease. The fish loses its brightness, becomes covered with whitish mucus and constantly scratches at the stones. The best remedy against the disease is a complete water change.

Dermatomycosis. Fungal disease of freshwater fish. It is secondary and occurs in a fish whose body is weakened as a result of disease, injury, or poor holding conditions. Pathogens are molds of the genus Saprolegnia.

Symptoms of the disease. White thin filaments (hyphae) appear on some parts of the fish's body, fins and gills, growing vertically from its body. If no action is taken during this time to remove the cause of the disease, the fungus will develop rapidly and begin to resemble a cottony bloom. The hyphae of the fungus engulf the cells of the skin and gills and grow into muscles and internal organs. The fish becomes inactive. Lies on the ground.

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enemies and diseases of goldfish fish 2022

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Enemies and diseases of goldfish fish 2022

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enemies and diseases of goldfish fish 2022

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