Energetic treatment a somewhat different health cure

Energetic treatment – a somewhat different health cureThe energy transition is in itself a political ie. But it could also be a topic for burnt-out, sick people in need of a cure. Especially in the life of sick people it should be important not to disperse the weakened energies even further. Instead, people should regularly fill up on energy. Keep harmful energies away from yourself if possible.

People who suffer from stress diseases such as exhaustion, depression and burn-out have been depleting their energy resources. Many people have been deprived of energy by serious illnesses or chemotherapy. For such people energetic therapies are useful as accompanying therapeutic measures. Energetic treatments and energetic products can demonstrably improve the quality of life. In some therapy centers energetic treatments are therefore already offered.

Nothing works without energy supply

The human body would not be viable without energy supply. The energy metabolism supplies the organism with the necessary energies, while the building metabolism consumes them in order to produce life-sustaining matter. But we don't want to look at the fermentative or oxidative energy metabolism here, but at how we deal with the energies that keep us alive. On the one hand, there are influences that provide us with energy – for example, food, oxygen, light or recreation. On the other hand, there are influences that rob or consume energy – for example stress, multitasking, electrosmog, traffic noise or illnesses. If there is an imbalance between energy intake and energy consumption, people will become ill in the long run.

Up to now, conventional therapies have been the preferred treatment in cures and rehabs. These should restore the physical functioning. Restore the general health. However, too little is often done to restore energy resources. Energetic therapy approaches are mainly found in the wellness sector. Energetic treatments would be more important for people in need of a cure. They supply energy to the sick organism. Stimulate the self-healing powers.

Energetic therapies – not only useful in the spa sector

Energetic cures are about regaining lost or blocked energy resources through appropriate measures or bringing them back into flow. With energetic methods like Chi Gong, vital point massages, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Prana healing or the energetic spinal straightening amazing results can be achieved.

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As a supplement to conventional curative measures, many energetic therapies perform valuable rebuilding work for the weakened body. At the same time, it must also be a matter of protection against harmful force fields and external energies.

For the discharged patients, various energetic products represent a way to protect themselves from harmful radiation and force fields acting from the outside. If negative force fields are harmonized and made more tolerable for the organism, it can continue to regenerate in its home environment. Restoration of physical functioning alone cannot be understood as healing in a holistic sense. As long as we do not replenish our energy resources, bundle dispersed energies and handle our energy potential more sparingly, all curing measures will fall short of the possible healing results. In order to recover, the patient should continue to work on his or her energy resources even at home.

The sickening effect of negative force fields

Our organism is an energy field that has become matter. Every single cell is a power plant that keeps us alive. But we are also permanently exposed to force fields, energy robbers and radiations from outside. We are surrounded by transmission masts, smartphones, underground power lines, water veins or geological faults. We expose ourselves more and more often to electrosmog from technical devices. Most people consider this as an inevitable consequence of civilization developments. However, much of what surrounds us nowadays can be seen as an energy robber. Thus one of our most important resources has become vulnerable.

Those who deal with energetic treatments or energetic protective measures for medical or private interest have gained access to an energetic filling station. Energetic protection prevents unnecessary stress due to radiation influences. Keeping away or transforming harmful energies as well as gaining new energies benefits the organism as well as the mind and soul. Many health risks can be minimized nowadays.

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