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The English Cocker Spaniels are descendants of the bird dogs. They were used in the 19. Predominantly used in hunting woodcock in the nineteenth century. Heavy prey was barked at, but predominantly their task was to track down and retrieve hunting prey, both on land and in the water, in a running and tracking manner. Later, they became recognized helpers in the service dog industry, z. B. in the search for intoxication-. Explosives. Search for intoxication-. Explosive agents. Over time, they have also been liked as a family dog. In 1955 the still famous movie "Lady and the Tramp" came out and the English Cocker gained more and more popularity.

English Cocker Spaniels – appearance

The medium-length, predominantly smooth and silky-shiny coat is short only on the head. It comes in different colors – brown, black, tan with white and tri-color. The English Cocker Spaniel grows up to 41 cm in height. The males are usually minimally larger. Stronger than the females. Between 11 and 13 kg is their weight.

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Character of the English Cocker Spaniel

The English Cocker Spaniel is considered an intelligent and temperamental dog. Even if he is quite attached to his human, a consistent education, a lot of training, exercise and employment is necessary, so that this can later reliably walk without a leash. otherwise he does what he likes best: rummaging. It disappears in the thicket. Pursues in the track sound (barking) traces of game.

English Cockers are basically sensitive uncomplicated dogs, if they come from good breeding. Occasionally there are Cockers, which show behavioral abnormalities, which on research are clustered in the respective breeding lines. If you decide to get a Cocker from a breeder, you should first try to make as many contacts as possible with other owners who have already taken puppies from the breed in question. Through these it is best to find out whether Cocker Spaniels with behavioral problems are among them.

English Cocker Spaniel – necessary care

The Cocker coat needs a good care. In the best case one takes oneself as an owner every two days time, in order to brush its fur thoroughly by. Since the dogs like to rummage through bushes, it is useful to search the coat for burrs and the like after the walks. Cocker are trimmed. Every dog salon does this, but after a briefing and some practice as an owner you can do it yourself.

The English Cocker likes to eat and has a lot of ideas to get food. His melancholic, pleading look also makes many people soften and slip him something edible. But they tend to be overweight if their owners do not pay attention to their food intake.

Frequently occurring diseases in the English Cocker Spaniel

The long, hanging ears of the English Cocker are easily inflamed. They should therefore be checked regularly in order to be able to act quickly in acute cases. Too late or untreated, these ear infections quickly become chronic. Also the eyes are somewhat sensitive with the Cocker. Susceptible to diseases. Furthermore, herniated discs HD, progressive retinal atrophy, heart and kidney diseases (familial nephropathy in this breed) occur. There are already compulsory examinations for many of these diseases at the breeding associations.

Almost everyone has heard of the cocker rage. Similar to epilepsy, seizures occur with subsequent exhaustion. Unlike epilepsy, however, cocker rage manifests itself in aggressive behavior. Today it does not seem to play a role in the Cocker anymore. There are also no safe diagnostic possibilities, let alone scientific proof that it really exists.

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