Entitlement to child benefit despite illness what parents should know urgently

Entitlement to child benefit despite illness? What parents should know urgentlyEntitlement to child benefit despite illness what parents should know urgently

Who child benefit over the 18. If you want to secure your child's future beyond the age of 18, you have to take a close look.

– Whoever receives child benefit via the 18. If you want to secure the child beyond the age of the offspring, you have to look carefully. – The cabinet has also passed a law that will soon make it possible for parents* to apply for child benefits and other services online. – What claims families have, for example, in the event of an illness – and what parents wanted to know.

Entitlement to child benefit despite illness? Court ruled in favor of mother

Update from 26.06.2020: Is an adult child entitled to child benefit?
Child sick and therefore cannot start an education, still exists Entitlement to child support, as Focus on-line with view of a judgement from Hamburg reports. Prerequisite is that in principle the will is present to begin the training, reports the portal. In principle, the following applies: Parents can continue to receive child benefits for their children who have reached the age of majority – on condition that the child has not yet reached the age of 25. The child has not yet reached the age of 18. It is still in a course of study or vocational training.

If the child has to interrupt his or her education because of an illness. the Child support claim exist, reports the portal, which besides the Expertin Isabel Klocke of the federation of the taxpayers with view of the current tax judgement from Hamburg (Az.5 K 24/19) is quoted as follows: "The only decisive factor is that the child adheres to his or her will to train."

In the controversy a nut/mother had complained, whose daughter could not continue the training, is called it in the report. According to the report, for the period between dropping out of education and the voluntary social year, the family benefits office demanded about 2.500 euros in child benefits returned by the mother, since the child had not made any effort to receive an education during this time and there was also no documentation of willingness to receive an education.

However, the Hamburg Fiscal Court has judged this differentlyIn the opinion of the judges, the Child benefit claim According to the report, the child is also eligible if the child is prevented from making a serious effort to pursue vocational training as a result of the illness. The mother could prove in the case on the basis a medical certificate that her daughter was not able to strive for an education, describes the portal the further backgrounds.

It is advisable for affected families to document during the illness that education will continue after recovery, Focus Online adds. This could be documented, for example, by a Declaration of the child or by Application documents.

Bill in Cabinet: Child benefit and co. soon apply online?

Update from 24.06.2020: parents are to receive state benefits such as the
Child benefit 2022 much easier to apply for. According to a report by "Zeit", the federal government has drafted such a law.en" now on the way. The law must however still by the Bundestag and Bundesrat, writes the portal.

According to the report, the German government wants to Family achievements facilitate. The planned law should make it possible to Birth certificate, the Parental allowance, the Child benefit and later also the Child supplement to be bundled and applied for online.

Because up to now it has been difficult for Parents, to keep track of things, according to "Zeit.de": Until now, the application for child benefits had to be printed out and sent in writing to the family benefits office. applications for Child supplement – a benefit for families with low incomes – could meanwhile already be put online. Some federal states have online applications for parental allowance, while others do not. In addition, the birth of the child must be reported to the registry office, which then ies the birth certificate, which in turn is necessary to apply for parental allowance.

This could change soon. "Parents should have more time for their children and from Bureaucracy be relieved", the portal quotes Federal Minister for Family Affairs Franziska Giffey (SPD). According to the minister, parents would also have to provide less paper evidence for the one-time application in the future. However, it is also necessary to agree that the various authorities may exchange the necessary data and information with each other electronically. A first pilot test with the planned combined application is to be carried out, according to a report by "Zeit".de" According to the law, this will start this year in Bremen. According to the minister, further pilot projects are planned in other federal states next year. From 1. January 2022 all parents nationwide will be able to apply for the above-mentioned benefits in one application. Provided the law is approved by all.

Child benefit over the 18. Year of life beyond

Contribution from 12.06.2020: As soon as a child turns 18, the Child support payment still in the same month. On new application it can continue however, as it in a report on world.de on the subject. Under certain circumstances.

Who has Child benefit over the age of 18. The report states that anyone who wants to secure access to the profession beyond the age of the next generation must take a close look. The rough Rule of thumb for parents of children up to 25 years explains Isabel Klocke, an expert at the Taxpayers' Association* on Welt.The child benefit entitlement continues until the child reaches the age of 25 Career Goal is reached and the young adult can go to work with it."

The report goes on to say that the state does not stop funding until the initial training is over. In practice, however, it is not easy to draw the line. If the offspring takes several steps in their education, parents should talk to the family fund.

When is the professional goal reached?

Often the support fails according to details. Or at the tricky demarcation, when the offspring has actually reached its professional goal. Parents should inquire therefore absolutely in time, straight also, which concerns the transitions: A long one Apprenticeship search for example, the Familienkasse with vouchers such as on-line applications, refusals or the confirmation of presentation dates by the company to be proven, like world.de, for example, also reports.

Even if all the conditions are fulfilled, there are still further hurdles: "Whoever wants to enter the Extension to go to school must meet the Application in time", says Welt, for example.de for example. If the family is too late, it loses money. Since 2018, child benefits have only been granted retroactively for a maximum of six months. Be apprenticeship or study before the 25. If the child's education ends after the child's 60th birthday, there is no longer any child benefit.

Entitlement to child benefits – where are the gaps??

If the offspring have their school graduation or the Abi If the child is still in the pocket, the parents are still entitled to child benefit for four months – as a bridge between two training phases, explains expert Isabel Kocke on Welt.de the procedure. According to the report, there will be no gap, for example, if the child starts an apprenticeship or a course of study in the fall. However, if the choice of profession and study is delayed, the claim is already lost from July.

Most parents would not suspect this, because the Child benefit first continue to flow into the account. However, the family benefits office will claim it back." Parents would have to pay extra even if their son or daughter were "chilling" for months or "travel the world, calls the portal a few examples. The support would also be gone if a child of full age after school a Work-and-travel-program, according to the BFH (III B 119/08). Good to know: After that, it may very well be possible again Entitlement to child benefit should the next generation of nurses have a first Ausbildung start.

Since the distinction can be difficult to make in individual cases and there are many details to consider, parents had better inform themselves in detail right away. It could be worthwhile for them.

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