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Business economist in health care management (IU)Your further education in health care management: In only 18 months to become a business economist – even without a high school diploma!

Start your further education in business administration in health care management now (IU)

Demographic change poses new challenges for the industry. The number of people in need of care and treatment is continuously increasing. At the same time, many health care facilities are forced to regulate their expenditures and reduce costs. Therefore, efficient strategies are needed in order to survive not only in the market, but also in the long term in the health care sector and to do justice to the treatment of patients. As a health care manager, you will contribute important business management knowledge in addition to specialist know-how and be prepared to set new impulses – now and in the future.

In the continuing education program in health care management with a final degree in business administration, we prepare you for a job at the interface between health and economy and make you fit for later management tasks in the health care sector. You would like to deepen your knowledge even further? No problem! The contents of this continuing education course as well as the fees already paid can be credited as extracurricular achievements for the bachelor's program in health management at the IU International University. Prerequisite is a university entrance qualification. Thanks to the optimal mix of business know-how and relevant industry knowledge, the further education in health care management prepares you perfectly for responsible positions. Relevant industry knowledge perfectly prepares you for responsible activities in the healthcare industry. Among other things, you will deal with the topics of law. Quality arance with the aid of concrete case studies. You will also learn about the latest developments in the field of e-health and important basics in project management and business management.

In addition, you can further deepen your knowledge with the help of selected specializations. Modules such as health tourism, hospital management or social and health policy help you to distinguish yourself in the industry and to take on trend-setting tasks in your daily work. The contents of this continuing education program as well as the fees already paid can be credited as extracurricular achievements for the bachelor's program in health management at IU International University. Prerequisite is a university entrance qualification.

The university entrance qualification for a (subsequent) study program is not automatically given after successful completion!

Economy and market

Introduction to health management

General conditions of the health care market

Service management in the healthcare sector

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Quality management in the healthcare sector

Cost and performance accounting

Controlling in the health care sector

personnel and corporate management

The completed modules of the source study program Business Administration in Health Care Management (IU) each correspond to a scope of 5 ECTS credits and thus a total of 90 ECTS credits. The modules can be fully credited to a degree program at the IU International University. It is important for you to know that you will not receive student status as a participant in this continuing education program.

Specialization A:
In 3. In the second learning stage you choose a specialization A. You can choose from the following modules:

The therapeutic branch

M-Health and Mobile Campaigns

Social and health policy

Do you need help with your decision? Your personal study counseling is gladly there for you!

– +49 30 311 988 00*Available from Monday – Friday from 08 – 20 h, Saturday from 09 – 17 h – Send an e-mail

– Free callback service – chat

Career prospects

With the advanced training in health care management (Betriebswirt:in) you will acquire a broad basic knowledge of the health care industry in addition to business management know-how. As demographic changes greatly increase the need for professionals in the healthcare industry, employees are needed in management positions who can build structures, organize resources, and manage facilities.

If you would like to gain further qualifications after graduation, you can have already paid further education fees and achievements in the form of non-university achievements credited to your Bachelor's program in Health Management at IU International University.

In 2 steps to a Bachelor's degree

With IU International University you have the opportunity to complete your bachelor's degree in distance learning health management in two stages.

Our program will prepare you to receive your Bachelor of Arts degree at the end of the program. The first step is to successfully complete selected modules of the curriculum. Benefits and already paid tuition fees from the continuing education will be fully credited to your Bachelor's degree in the second step. With your certificate Betriebswirt:in im Gesundheitsmanagement (IU) and your bachelor's degree, you not only qualify yourself with future employers, but you also distinguish yourself with a very relevant knowledge to be able to act in the best possible way in the health sector.

What does a continuing education cost?

Duration 18 mon.

Perfect for all those who want to get off to a flying start and shorten the time needed for further training by learning at a faster pace.

Duration 24 mon.

Super for all-round talents who want to go full throttle in continuing education alongside their job and at the same time reduce monthly costs.

Duration 36 mon.

Ideal for those who would like to complete their further education in peace and quiet in addition to their everyday life and job, and who would like to reduce monthly costs.

Graduation fees

The total price includes a one-time graduation fee of 699 euros for Bachelor's degree programs, 799 euros for Master's degree programs or. includes a one-time certificate fee of 699 euros for further education. This fee is incurred at the end of the program.

The following bachelor's degree programs require a graduation fee of 2.299 Euro included. This also accrues at the end of the course: B.Sc. Occupational therapy, B.Sc. Speech therapy, B.Sc. Nursing, B.A. Physiotherapy, B.Sc. Dietetics

Optional additional costs for international shipping of scripts

For sending the study scripts abroad we charge additional costs. 5€/program. Worldwide 10€/program.

Optional additional costs for international exams

Separate costs apply for exams written outside Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. These are to be paid directly at the examination center on site and currently amount to (if necessary). in local currency):

A fee of 120 euros for taking the exams as individual or block exams lasting up to a maximum of 120 minutes is included.

For the taking of exams with a duration of more than 120 minutes up to 360 minutes the respective institute receives 170 Euro per exam date.

International students can alternatively use our online exams to take their exams anytime, anywhere at no additional cost.

*Following countries are valid for the European shipment: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom

Additional information

Career coaching: This offer is aimed at bachelor students (with min. 120 ECTS) and Master students.

Additional costs for Adobe Creative Cloud: For the bachelor's degree programs in communication design, media design, and UX design, you need Adobe Creative Cloud. As a student you can get them for only 19,34 Euro per month (regular price: 59,49 Euro per month). Of course you can also use your license privately.

Additional program Coaching Lobby and Teaching-Supervision: The optional additional program Coaching Lobby consisting of the courses Personal Learning Portfolio and Teaching-Learning-Coaching as well as 15 units of Teaching-Supervision results in additional costs for students who want to obtain the Certificate Coach (EASC).

Cloud-based open source tools: In order to be able to use cloud-based open source tools during your studies, you will need a desktop PC or laptop. This is not included in the scope of services.

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