Handheld console these game consoles are available

Handheld consoles are portable game consoles that are ideal for people on the go. The compact size makes them particularly flexible; children especially like the handy devices. You can read about which handhelds are available here.

If you're interested in a handheld console, you can't go past Nintendo at the moment; both the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite are the most popular portable game consoles on the market. The compact consoles are particularly popular with children because they are easy to use and have a handy size. Find out which other handheld consoles are worth buying here.

What is a handheld console?

Handheld consoles are portable game consoles. Unlike stationary consoles that plug into the TV at home, handheld consoles can be played anywhere at home or on the go thanks to a built-in screen and integrated speakers.

Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch is not a pure handheld, but a hybrid of a portable console and a stationary device for the television set . Nintendo currently offers the best handheld consoles, accordingly many games are also available for the console. From classics like Mario, to Zelda, to Skyrim and The Witcher 3, you can actually find the right game for every gamer. In addition to the internal memory of 32 GB, you can also buy an SD card and expand the memory. The hybrid console allows gaming on a 6.2-inch display with two detachable Joycons, as well as gaming with the stationary console on the TV screen. The Switch Lite, on the other hand, is a handheld-only console. Cannot be connected to the TV. For this it is from a single mould. Ideal for playing on the move. On the Nintendo Switch Lite, you can play all Nintendo Switch titles that support handheld mode. The display is somewhat smaller and comes in at 5.5 inches. Depending on how you use it, you can play with the Switch Lite for three to seven hours without having to charge the device.

Nintendo 3DS XL

Before the Switch generation, the Nintendo 3 DS XL console came onto the market in 2015. Unlike the handheld Nintendo 3DS console, the XL variant has a larger screen, automatic brightness adjustment, increased processing power and additional controls. A new improved 3D display and motion stable 3D function make it possible for the indoor camera to recognize the player's face and automatically correct the angle.

Playstation Vita

The Playstation Vita was Sony's answer to Nintendo, though production has since ceased. Nevertheless, you can find used devices on the net that you can purchase. A successor is not in sight. The very first PS Vita was released in 2011, and there were 25 games available at launch. The Playstation Vita uses dual analog sticks, a touchscreen and a touchpad for gaming. As a player, you have various options for influencing the game's events.

Cheap retro handheld consoles

On the web, you can find numerous inexpensive alternatives in the retro look of Nintendo's popular Game Boy or small gaming machines with joysticks. Qualitatively, these consoles differ from the well-known competition and the games also vary in terms of variety and quality. The low price and the handy format make such consoles nevertheless nice handheld alternatives.

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