Health shoes and health socks

Health shoes and health socks

Health shoes and health socks: shoes and socks for healthy feet

Walking like on clouds – who doesn't wish for that?? Often, just wearing comfortable shoes is enough to achieve this feeling of well-being. But what if foot problems turn every step into torture, if an injury or an operation makes it impossible to slip into your usual footwear?? The solution: health shoes. We show the whole range of healthy footwear – supplemented by socks for a wide variety of foot problems. A separate article deals with other aids that are beneficial to our foot health.

Comfort shoes relieve muscles and joints © Sergey Peterman,

Health shoes for any weather, any foot problem

Before your feet hurt: If you are prepared to spend a little more on the well-being of your feet, you can get shoes from Ganter, Mephisto, Think, and others at a specialist store!, Ecco or Finn Comfort show. Many Comfort shoe-Brands carry models for both younger and older generations. Even shoe chains offer comfortable footwear – usually as their own product line, such as z.B. Deichmann with Medicus for women. Gallus for men.

Tip: Particularly natural is the movement of walking in Barefoot shoes and toe shoes. In normal shoes, the feet are passively embedded, but when walking barefoot, they actively participate in the movement.

Health shoes: helpful and beautiful

Fit feet in comfortable sandals and mules

Probably the best-known brand for open health shoes is Birkenstock, a Rhineland-Palatinate manufacturer that can look back on a history of almost 250 years. But new companies have also dedicated themselves to the health of our feet. In the field of mules, sandals and slippers, Wolky, Slowlies, Waldlaufer and private brands such as Helvesko from ComfortSchuh and Anna Field from Zalando are now named at the top of the list. When it comes to clogs with footbeds, Crocs make. Chung-Shi more and more talk about.

Health sandals are a blessing for the feet © Elizaveta,

The Erlangen-based newcomer Algemare offers a special feature: its mules, sandals and slippers for men and women are designed for barefoot use: At body temperature, the health-promoting active substances of seaweed in the interchangeable footbed are to reach the organism via the skin tie. The washable cork insoles are also available separately (16 euros). Mules from ca. 60 euros.

Note: Unlike open-toe slippers, mules are designed to be worn outdoors. The sole is firmer. The look more elegant. In contrast to sandals. sandals are missing the heel strap of the mules.

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